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Islamic Religion

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The word Islam has a two-fold meaning peace,and submission to God. This submission requires a full conscious and willing effort to submit to the one Almighty God. One must consciouslt and carefully give oneself to the service of Allah. This means to act on what Allah commands all of us to do in his lifestyle and sayings represent the Quran.

Islamic cultrual traditions were established between the 7th and 10th centuries. However, Islamic culture spread into religions and has joined in with other cultures. Islamic systems of authority, social organization, and education were undermined by the colonial government. One billion Muslims are spread over 40 predominantly Muslim countries and 5 continents, and their numbers are growing at a rate unmatched by that of any other religion in the world. Islam has a dynamic prescence in todays world, and its modern expressions are as compex as the world in which Muslims live.

The prophet Muhammad ws born in the year 570 and was raised by his uncle, who had religious prominence within the main Quraysh tribe of Meca. At age 40 during a retreat in the hills outside of Mecca Muhammad had his first Islam experience. An angel by the name of Gabriel appeared to him and informed im that he was Gods chosen messenger. The angel also communicated to Muhammad the first revelation of God. Muhammad wife Khadjia was his first convert to the Islam religion, and then hisministry branched out to small circles relatives and friends.

Muslims believe that the difference for being sinless was granted to Muhammad by God to support his career as a prophet. Therefore, Muhammad appeas in the Quran as a person who makes mistakes but does not sin against God.

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The Quran is the primary source of authority, law and theology, and identfy in Islam. It elaborate on the teachings and laws of the Quran derived from the sunna, which are the examples set by Muhammad life, and in part from hadith, the body of sayings and practices attributed to him. Compared to Christianty the Islam religion believe that Jesus was a human (mortal) prophet, meaning that God was neer born, so therefore, denying that jesus was the son of God.

After the death of Muhammah, in 6 the whole Arabian Peninsula was united for the first time in itl history, under the banner of Islam. His successors known as the guided caliphs. Their rule, together with that of Muhammad was by most Muslims to form the ideal Islamic age. There were other Islamic religions that beguan expanding, to name a few, Shia islamic, these were followers of Ali. then there was the Sunni Islam which began during the Abbasid period. The Sunni Islam included the followers of four legal schools, the Malikis, Hanafis, Shafiis and Hanbalis. And, there was also the Sufism, which emphasized personal devotion to the Islamic diverse cultural.

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