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Music and its affects on society

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Music is an unavoidable ingredient in everyone’s life. Whether its music we play by personal choice or music we hear in supermarkets or a retail store. Society will hear music. What comes along with the music and markets the music is what will affect the listener. These include the casualties of music, its image and its means of promotion. Music does affect society and it is through these mediums in which it achieves it.

Casualties within music are frequent and tragic. Concerts, whilst enjoyable and memorable, regularly lead to tragedy and mayhem. For example on February 0, 00 ‘The Station’, a club in Rhode Island, caught fire killing 7 people. (Guitarist among, 00). Suicides include Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Ian Curtis of Joy Division. In July of 000 Eminem’s wife, Kim Mathers was sent to hospital after an attempted suicide. (Eminem’s wife, 000). On the positive side after Aaliyah’s death her album sales increased from 6, 081 copies to 05, 11. (Aaliyah reaches, n.d). Hearing and reading about incidents such as these can affect societies views on death within music. It is so frequent that it is just seen as a common thing.

Image defines the music just as much as the music itself. According to Kellner (Madonna, 15). “Fashion offers models and material for constructing identity.” Each musical genre comes with a certain fashion image. Rap stars have the baggy clothes and silver chains. Pop stars have the short skirts and revealing tops. Rock stars have the ripped jeans and messy hair. The fashion becomes a prescribed part of the music. Fashion also becomes a mean of rebellion. It is something that no one else can control. The certain fashion style suited to each musical genre affects how society looks.

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How an artist is promoted, published and depicted will affect how a fan feels towards them and how they react to their actions. Pop icon Britney Spears was introduced to the public as an innocent girl, a virgin. Recent news reveals that she isn’t a virgin, which was her original sell slogan. The fans she gained from her introductory persona will follow her actions and image. The idol sings about love and sex, when a majority of her fans are under 14 years old. The lyrics of a pop song and the image of a pop idol have a strong effect on its listener, what they see as acceptable and what they will become.

Concerts are one-off shows to promote and expose a band. Concerts are a type of culture because the majority of people are there for the same reason, to see the band they like. Concerts are also heavily media based and controlled. The public will become aware of the concert while walking down the street, watching TV or by any other means of media. At the concert itself there will most likely be souvenirs and t-shirts for sale. Concerts affect society because they are a gateway to sales and a media target.

Radio plays a big part in what society sees as popular music. “The organisation of radio broadcasting practices have been crucial in shaping the nature of what constitutes the main ‘public face’ of popular music.” (Pop music, 18). In order to choose a correct advertising target for artists there are different types of radio stations. Radio then also caters to mostly all types of music lovers. The Top 10 or Top 0 songs of that radio station will define what is most popular within their listening audience. The radio station that a person listens to will affect their music tastes and other preferences in life. A radio station with a target market of 10-16 year olds might advertise soft drinks. On the other hand, a radio station with a target market of 18-5 year olds might advertise alcohol. Consequently affecting the listener’s choices.

Music magazines are also a strong influential medium of media promotion. Magazines are what people flick through at the check out line or at the hairdressers. They are a direct link to what a musician is saying and wearing. They have interviews and pictures, showing the musician in a good or bad light. Music magazines also contain reviews, which are not from the artist label or the artist itself, but from a music critic. The record company or the artists do not own the music critics. What society sees and reads in a magazine place a heavy influence on the mind of the audience.

In conclusion music affects society through mediums of the media. Such as radio which has a variety of music stations to target all markets and music magazines which show society what a artist is wearing, doing and playing. It affects society through the influences it places on others. Music is a passage manipulated by the media to affect society.

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