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During 1787 two political parties argued over what form of government they should take. The two parties were the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists(or republicans.) The federalists wanted a strong central or national government while the republicans wanted the country to have stronger state governments. This started a debate between the two sides which i will tell about.

The federalist party was lead by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. They believed that the well-educated should lead the nation. They believed this because if the educated were to lead the nation then the people would know what they were talking about. If uneducated were to run the country then the government would not run properly because the people would not know how the government works and how to debate over topics and current ideas. Another thing the federalists believed in was a strong central government. They believed this because if they were to have a central government rather than state governments then the United States would act more like a country under one government, rather than fifty individual ones. If the U.S. had a central government they could collect taxes to support schools and an army. With an army they could protect themselves from other nations trying to invade and take over land. Also, under a central government the states would be more equal rather than having a few dominate states. Having a central government would also help to prevent a civil war between states over land, etc. This is why the Federalists wanted a strong central government.

The other party was the republicans or anti-federalists. This party was lead by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. They believed that all people should have some political power. They believed this because everyone should have a say and be representatives. They believed this regardless of being educated or not. These two men also strongly believed in strong state governments rather than one huge, national government. If the United States had a big central government then the government might eventually turn into a monarchy. If this happened then the people would have no say and the government and country would fall in ruins. This is what the republicans wanted and they fought hardly for what they believed in.

one thing that both sides wanted was a fair government for the peopne thing that both sides wanted was a fair government for the people. When they debated over the type of government they fought for what they thought was the fairest to the people. Both sides fought passionately for what they believed in. they knew what they wanted to fight for and didnt back down or give up.

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