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Network Support

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1. A connection-oriented protocol has some features that allow a person to know that it is a connection-oriented protocol. A connection-oriented protocol is a protocol that provides a virtual-circuit using flow control, acknowledgements, and other processes of guaranteeing data delivery(Tomsho 00.). Connection-oriented protocols are found at the transport layer 4.

. When a computer sends data, a person will start at Layer 7 of the OSI model, which is the application layer. Here is where the data is created and then it sends it to the presentation and session layers where all three add header information. Then the data is broken into smaller pieces by layer 4, transport layer. The transport layer adds the TCP header and the data is now called a segment. Each segment is sequenced in order for the data stream to be put together again when it reaches its destination. Then the segments are handed to the network layer. The network layer adds its header of logical addresses, or IP addresses. With all of the previous layers headers and information and the addresses the segment is now called a packet. Once the IP addresses have been added the packet is sent to the data link layer . The data link layer is responsible for taking the packets and actually putting them on the physical medium. But, before it sends them off on the cable, it attaches the source and destination’s MAC address, or the physical addresses of the computers. The data link layer also LLC and FCS for error checking and protocol identification for when the packets arrive at the destination. Finally, the packets are then turned into binary and sent out on the network.

4. The Trace command helps determine the path data takes on a network. This is handy when you want to trouble shoot a network, for it allows you to see how far the data needs to go to get to the destination and how long it took to get there. This command also tries to resolve the name of a responding router, which will help you when you want to find the actual location or name of a company that controls the router(Tomsho 60). The ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) sent by a computer usually are for when a datagram cannot reach it’s destination, or when the gateway does not have the buffering room needed to forward a datagram, and the gateway can tell the sender to send data on a shorter route. Typically you receive ICMP messages when there are errors in the processing of datagrams and a host is not able to send its data to the receiving station.

5. It is estimated that 0% of all viruses now come in the form of email attachments (Kaminski). The viruses are getting harder to detect as is the case of the virus Nimda. Nimda was hard to control because it used it’s own email client code and did not need a host email client to send itself (Kaminski). There are ways to avoid getting and spreading viruses. For example, install virus detecting software on all desktops and servers. A person should also use common sense when opening email. If you do not recognize the sender do not open the email. There are emails which claim, if opened, to remove viruses on your computer, which are themselves the virus (Tomsho 61). Again, if you do not recognize the sender, delete the message. It is important to keep the virus scanning software updated, as there are new viruses coming out on an almost daily basis.

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