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Prostitution is far from solved

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There has been much debate over the last few decades about prostitute law reform.

Prostitution is the act or practise of engaging in sex acts for hire. The act or an instance of offering or devoting one’s talent to an unworthy use or cause.

There is much difference between the states of Australia when it comes to the issue of decriminalising prostitution. In the state of Victoria brothel prostitution was legalised in the 180s and has subsequently been legalised in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland. Tasmania and South Australia are soon to follow suit.

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Because of the controversy of the issue of prostitution it would be more advantageous for everyone involved either directly or indirectly with prostitution that the law became a Federal law instead of State legislation. With this legislation, it should include a minimum number of brothels, or escort agencies, placed in each state, maximum number of rooms for each, high security, and also regular sexually transmitted disease tests. Also, it should be changed that prostitutes working from their home do not need a development application (DA).

Currently, many cultures deal with sexuality differently. In Singapore and Denmark, having sex for money is as legal as any other enterprise and is done so in the open.

In the last decade legislation has been promoted as the solution to the problems that accompany prostitution in many countries such as the Netherlands and Romania. Governments in South East Asia are encouraged, in an important International Labor Organisation report, to officially recognise the “sex sector” and the contribution it makes to gross national income, a recognition that would entail legal acceptance of the industry.

Even though it is quite natural on a biological level for men to desire and have intimate relations with many females, it would be a very unproductive line of reasoning when considering the legalisation of prostitution. Instead, the overall benefits of the proposed changes must be considered.

The people who have traditionally opposed to the decriminalisation or the regulation of prostitution are those who have a moral objection to supporting any recognition of prostitution on the basis that if you recognise it legislatively you must recognise it morally.

Some people do not believe in prostitution morally and believe that it should not exist, but in reality, know that prostitution has existed from time immemorial. Those people who do not acknowledge prostitution but believes it exists think that there ought to be some regulation and controls on prostitution.

The first consideration for everyone who supports the above-proposed legislation is for the prostitutes themselves, for those women who operate in the industry and who need the protection of legislation to safeguard themselves from violence and dishonesty.

The prostitute law reform Bill in 18 encouraged smaller brothels which can be operated without the criminal element that tends to get in control of brothels once they grow to the point where the rewards of prostitution are significant.

Whatever legislation is placed in relation to prostitution it will not be able to protect all workers in the industry at all times. This however is accepted, as it is the same with all other laws placed in every country. Regardless of the policing going on to protect a regulated and decriminalised industry, the reality is that there will still be vulnerable people in the industry. If the changes are going to take place, it may go a large way to minimising the attacks that might occur on the people working in the industry.

It does not matter what legislation is written, there will always be people who will set up brothels, whether large or small, who will not comply with the legislation and try to get around it. The legislation will at least set up a framework and will give some sort of lead to the law enforcers to enable them to work in a more practical way with a legislative framework that regulates and decriminalises.

It was feminist efforts that led to the 14 United Nations Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others. That Convention calls for States’ parties to make brothels and pimping illegal. In the 140s and 50s many countries, such as France, complied. Australia did not sign the 14 Convention on prostitution and trafficking. This history was ignored by those who worked for the legalisation of prostitution in Victoria in the 17os

Brothels were legalised in New South Wales in 15 but a number of councils and the State opposition have long vowed to block home-based brothels at any cost.

But home-based prostitution can be a major solution for street prostitution.

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