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Discursive Essay

The Root Cause of Terrorism

Poverty and ignorance; disease and environmental disorder; corruption and political oppression, all of which lead to terrorism. Or is it a matter of power - who has it and how to get it - not of poverty. What is the “Root Cause of Terrorism”? That is what I have decided to write my discursive essay about.

What could possibly motivate these acts? What is there to be gained? And that drive and motivation still exists in the world today. But where is this faceless enemy? How do we stop it if we don’t even know what it is?

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There are so many questions thrown about among the critics and the leaders of the world today, that one can’t easily explain. But as much as possible as a fifteen year old, I try to put the facts and beliefs together to find at least an understanding of it in this short assessment of the issues put forward.

The desire to identify root causes and so be able to correct them is natural. Root causes have to be there. A man doesn’t wake up one day and decide that he is going to go and kill innocent civilians. There must be an explanation for the unexplainable Why a teenaged Palestinian girl would blow herself up in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible, or privileged young men of the Arab world plot to kill themselves while murdering thousands of American civilians.

Those who hold to poverty as the root cause do so even though it does not fit their facts. Even leaving aside multimillionaire Osama bin Laden, the backgrounds of the September 11 killers indicates that they were not living in poverty themselves All were either wealthy Saudis and Egyptians, citizens of the wealthy Gulf states, or rich sons of Lebanon, trained in and familiar with the ways of the West - not exactly the victims of poverty in Muslim dictatorships. Many poor Egyptians, Moroccans, and Palestinians may support terrorists, but they do not, and cannot, provide them with recruits. In fact, al-Qaeda has no use for uneducated peasants. They cannot participate in World Trade Centre-like attacks, they would be unable to make themselves unsuspicious in the West and will lack the education and training terrorist operatives need. Terrorists have been mostly always middle class, often upper class, and always educated, but never poor. The South American Tupamaros and Montoneros of the 170s were all middle class, as were their followers among the German Baader-Meinhof Gang, the Italian Red Brigades, Frances Action Directe, the Sandinista leadership in Nicaragua and, before it, Fidel Castros Cuban revolutionaries.

Environmentalist extremists, their animal-rights friends, anti-international corporation militants, anti-genetically modified plants fanatics - none of them poor or deprived, have already demonstrated a tendency for violence and should be expected to do so in more deadly and organized manners in the future.

This argument goes on to say the poor, in Muslim states may be the popular base of terrorist support, but they do not have the money. Ultimately, Islamic terrorism, just as its Marxist version in the West was a matter of power, who has it and how to get it, not of poverty.

On the other hand, maybe the root cause of terrorism is deprivation and oppression. I mean we should look at the most active terror region in the world and that is Middle East. Palestinians, as a fact, have been involved in terrorist activities. In fact, if you look at all terrorist activities in the world, mostly all seem to happen during the lands’ occupation by oppressors or simple foreign force. For example in Palestine, Northern Ireland, they are living in occupied territories, which have been their homeland for centuries. You cannot generalise terrorism as one. In different parts of the world terrorism is caused by different things but in my view, mostly all are cries of freedom. Nobody can justify terrorism but should look at the cause of this horrible tragedy in our present societies and not just treat it as Mr. Bush calls it “Evil”. In my opinion, the world is not as black and white as the president of the United States puts it. He talks of “good” and “evil”, either you are “with us” or “against us”. Mr. Bush speaks as if the world is that of what children see it, “good” or evil”. I think this is absurd. There is always away forward, it is just hard to find. People have to be very patient for progress but also active.

And so, no matter what actions we might contemplate against terrorism, this faceless enemy, which lurks in the shadows of fear and frustration, breeds on hatred and disillusionment and fed by ignorance and poverty, will not disappear unless we build global harmony and stability through mutual tolerance and shared prosperity. Terrorism has now emerged as a different challenge, which has to be dealt with in a firm and measured manner. As we seek to wrestle with the worst ever challenge to humanity, our approach should not be cosmetic nor guided by emotion or anger. Surely the perpetrators of terrorism, whosoever they are and wherever they may be, must be brought to justice. Our battle must not remain kept to retaliation and revenge. We must tackle the causes that give rise to forces of hatred and violence.

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