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young and dumb

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It was Friday night, and I was an eleven-year-old kid who was bored and had mischief on his mind. I invited some friends, older kids to come over and play some video games, some older kids. Yeah, so I thought of my self as pretty cool to be hanging out with older kids. My buddies Paul, Dustin and Jeremy came over. Paul was a fourteen year-old rebel without a cause. He was tall for his age and was even sprouting some facial hair. He was a Fast kid, we nicknamed him Speedy Gonzales. Dustin was a little guy for his age. He was fifteen and quite certain he had the answer to everything, but he was cool though because he was 4 years older than me. Jeremy was fourteen also, although nothing too extraordinary about him. He had a huge nose though and I am not kidding! Some said he should declare that thing as his own country, it was that massive.

We were all kicking it in my room playing some hardcore Mortal Combat. Of course I was kicking everyone’s ass. Paul was getting a little bored with playing games so he suggested that we did something crazy that night. We were all up for that, so Paul went to his house and came back with a water balloon launcher.

The next thing I knew we were stationed on top of my roof getting ready to launch grapefruit and eggs at whatever target we thought we could hit. Paul put the first grapefruit in the middle of the launcher while Jeremy and Dustin held the ends to steady the shot. Paul pulled back as hard as he could, than with out any warning, SNAP! The grapefruit soared over my fence, past the street smacking the top of a house directly across from our position.

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“Kick Ass!” Paul shouted out.

This feeling of excitement just charged through my whole body like a lighting bolt. Now it was my turn, my time to shine, to show these guys what I was really made of. I grabbed an egg, looked at everyone around me and made sure they noticed that it was me who was going to take the shot. Paul looked at me with eyes of encouragement. This was the time when I became a man. I loaded that egg in the flap of the launcher, Paul and Jeremy held the ends and I pulled back as hard as my muscles could pull, using every ounce in my little body. SNAP! The egg was airborne! The egg traveled low, barely clearing the fence only to hit its final destination, a passing car. SMACK! The egg splattered right on the driver side window. The car slammed on the brakes and came to a screeching stop. “Holy Shit” was all that was going through my mind.

“Run,” Paul screamed!

We all leaped off my roof and dashed for my back door, throwing it open. I went straight to my room while my friends ran to their houses. I slammed the door behind me and sat in the corner wishing I could just disappear. My heart was going a million miles per hour. Just then I heard the doorbell ring. I could of died right there from fear alone. I could hear my dad going for the door and it seemed like he was there for a century. I could not think of a single moment in my whole entire life when I had been this afraid for my life!

The next few days consisted of a lot of time under the sun. Turns out the car I hit just happened to be the only rental car passing through Adobe Road that day, making my little predicament only worse. After I was lectured for what seemed like hours by my dad, I was given the punishment for my hideous behavior. To pay off the car wash needed to clean up the disaster, I was sentenced to yard work. I tried to decide if hanging with the older kids was worth all these horrible consequences I could no longer take back. With every weed I pulled and leaf I raked, I thought maybe I will hang out with kids my own age.

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