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The word “murder” is mainly used by pro-lifers to describe what happens when you abort an embryo/fetus. Murder means deliberate and unjustified killing of another person containing intent. How can anyone tell a woman that they can’t abort an embryo/fetus to interrupt a pregnancy if it is a result of rape or incest? A women cannot bear the thought of having a child that would be a constant reminder of what happened on such and such a day, such and such number of years ago.

The mother doesn’t want to kill a baby; she wants to interrupt the growth of an embryo so that it will not become a baby. The mother interrupts potential life. If the mother aborts the embryo at a very early stage it’s not even recognizable as human and that’s why potential life is just that, potential.

My personal belief is that each woman has the right to decide whether she wants to abort an unwanted pregnancy. Remember the termination of the pregnancy might have to do with the health of the mother herself, maybe the mother is unable to attend to the child’s needs after its born, resulting in child abuse and mental disease. In these situations abortion is a must in my opinion. Most abortions occur because contraception fails, because of a rape or because of a serious medical condition of the mother, which could lead to her death. In these situations abortion is often the only way that prevents the birth of an unwanted child or saves a mothers life.

In the world today pregnancy often has catastrophic effects on adolescents. They drop out of school, have nervous breakdowns, and even commit suicide. Research shows that it can be unsafe for young teenagers to go through with pregnancy, they can die because their bodies aren’t mature enough. Many teenagers cannot provide the right conditions for raising a child for they are still children themselves. The effects of having a baby can result in an end to a future career, meaning that there is a high possibility of the mother and baby living in poverty. The pro-lifer would say that the teenager should have the baby for reasons being that the mother could become more mature. They also would go on to say that the mother could give the baby up for adoption and preserve a life.

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Another issue on the topic of abortion is when pregnant women are older. They no longer have the energy to efficiently take care of the child. Most of these women already have grown-up children and possibly even grand children. From a medical standard these women are at a very high risk that health problems for the mother and the baby could happen. Some people are opposed to aborting the child for reasons that if that mother is capable of getting pregnant that she should have the responsibility

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