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Athlete’s and Steroids

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The major social problem in which I decided to use is Steroid abuse and the Athlete. The first article I used is “Abusing Anabolic Steroids”; this article discussed the facts of steroids and their effects. Some athletes over abuse steroids by taking hundreds of milligrams a day. This is called mega dosing; mega dosing is taking massive amounts of steroids by injection or pill. ( All athletes who are mega dosing on steroids are at great risks of side effects. Here are examples of side effects found commonly in males who abuse steroids shrinking of testicles, reduced sperm count, impotence, baldness, difficulty or pain in urinating, development of breasts, and enlarged prostate. I funny but disturbing image of the side effects of steroids is shown in the movie “Fight Club” there is a ex-weightlifter who abused steroids, and the side effect of the abuse he had size DD breasts. Even though that was just a movie there are many abusers in the world who probably do suffer from this deformity. There are also side effects that men and women endure and are can be seen physically High Blood Pressure, liver damage, acne, trembling, and aching joints. ( The article concluded that it is up to the athlete to find a way out of steroid abuse, and sometimes there are many athletes who have an addiction. It is just like the addiction to Marijuana, Cocaine, or any other type of Narcotic. The major addiction to steroids is the craving in which an athlete receives when he/she cannot acquire the steroid. Lastly this article gave me a good look on what to for when finding a person abusing or having the side effects of steroids.

The second article I used is “Hazard Alert” by Pennsylvania State University professor Charles Yesalis. Yesalis identified some interesting points into his findings about the steroids Creatine and Androsteine. Yesalis at the beginning of the article discussed some financial facts on the black market of steroids in the United States. “Steroid sells in 18 topped $100 million, and that was up from $5 million in 17.” (“Hazard Alert”) Yesalis went on from there to give a proper definition of both Creatine and Androsteine. The quote on quote legal definition of Creatine, which not a defined a drug, is a food supplement. Yesalis thinks that it is “bunk”, Creatine should really be defined as muscle enhancing drug. Creatine proper definition is an amino acid that enhances the fuel, which allow people to work out longer and more intensively. (“Hazard Alert”) There are also side effects to Creatine also, some being; gastrointestinal gas and muscle cramping. The problem with Creatine side effects, the users will not go through any until 5-10 years later on in life. Yesalis lastly explains to parents of teenagers who are starting to use steroids, not to use it!! It will stunt growth of boys, and deepen the voices of the girls. (“Hazard Alert”)

Yesalis also described “Androsteine”, this steroid became popular when St. Louis Cardinal superstar Mark McGwire was question on whether he was using it or not. The definition of Androsteine is a sex steroid hormone, which converted your body to testosterone. Some of the side effects of Androsteine are liver damage, and also the risk of stroke. Yesalis says in his words “Androsteine should be outlawed.” (“Hazard Alert”)

Lastly in the article Yesalis stated some facts and figures on why professional sports have banned or put restrictions on certain steroids. Yesalis says “NBA, MLB, and the NHL, have kept their heads in the sand about major steroids and the abusers, but the NFL haven’t kept their heads out of the sands.” (“Hazard Alert”) Yesalis stated some findings on steroid abuse “10%-0% of MLB players have abused steroids, while the NFL has 50%-80% of their players abuse steroids.” The facts from the NBA and NHL were unavailable.

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In conclusion Yesalis just wants the public to get a better understanding of the risks of abusing steroids.

The third article in which I used is “Throwing in the Towel” by Steve Rushin. This article was about doping in the NFL, and how it doesn’t matter what you can do, there nothing much really to prevent it! Rushin brings up the statements on what doping in the NFL means “Doping is everything that first, is harmful to an athlete’s health, and second artificially augments their performances.” (Throwing in the Towel) Rushin also expressed that drug testing in the NFL is obscure and unheard of, meaning there basically is none. Rushin at the end of his article summed it up by saying “Throwing in the Towel” formally means who cares about drug testing, its almost impossible to prevent, and nobody really gives a rat’s ass about anyway!” (“Throwing in the Towel”)

The 4th article I came across is “Girls on Steroids” by Christine Gorman. How many people in the world would realize that steroid abuse is not only a man problem? Not many would care to realize that, but there are about 175,000 or more women use steroids nationwide. Gorman also used a statement by a familiar person which I have used one of his articles in this paper, it is Professor Charles Yesalis. Yesalis reports “that many young women athlete’s view steroid use as a straight forward investment into their future.” (Girls on Steroids) Gorman uses the fact that since 17 scholarships for women athletes have risen more than $0,000. This gives a woman something to work for, but thinking steroids are a better to work harder can bring about abuse. Gorman also included into the article some side effects, which can hinder a women physical being. Some of the side effects being; voice gets deeper, facial hair, changes in cessation of menstrual cycle, and enlargement of the clitoris. As we can see in Gorman article that females not have the abuses, but they have the same side effects.

The 5th article is a recent one taken from newsreel. It talks about Romanian Gymnastics star Andrea Raducan, and how she tested positive for a post Olympics drug test. Raducan did win a gold medal, but it was stripped from her due to the drug test. She also cannot participate in the 004 Olympic games.

There was another person in the Olympics who also tested positive was U.S. shot puter C.J. Hunter. He was tested 4 times for using the anabolic steroid nandrolone. The Olympics have been cursed of steroid abuse since Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive. I picked this article because it was produced and shown to the public all over the world. I think this article can send listens to people trying or engaging in some kind of steroid abuse in any types of sports.

My position on steroid abuse and athlete’s who them are, why? Why do they continue to use something that in fact will help for a short amount a time, but could hurt them forever! I asked myself the question, why do athlete’s seem to think that these drugs will help them be a new person. Being an athlete myself, I do not turn to steroids of any kind to help me in my career. I think that some athletes hide behind the steroids, instead of bringing their real person out. I like to know when I am out in the field of play that I am working hard because I pushed myself to, not because some strength enhancer helping me. I have friends who think that the stuff they are using like Creatine, Rip Fuel, or any other sort of enhancer is helping them out, and making them work harder. Determination to me is my steroid. I love to abuse it, working hard, listening, and doing the right thing, that my abuse!

As a law, 188 Anti-Drug Abuse Act made distribution and possession of any anabolic steroid for non-medical reasons a federal offense. Also many states have begun to make laws in which regulates Steroids abuse. I don’t think law matters to many athletes who are using steroids. Athletes will do whatever they feel like doing. Until they get caught there no wrong doing. I found a quote that best suits my paper in its entirety “ We see…people not being able to see their lives falling apart, people trying to get off the drug and not being able to!” �Kenneth Yashkin and Herbert Kleber, Yale University.

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