Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can Quality Survive the Standardized Test?

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In Seeking Diversity, a book on teaching middle school language arts, author and teacher Linda Rief says, I expect good reading and writing, in which process and product are woven tightly into literate tapestries of wonder and awe(10). Rief thus describes the HOly Grail of writing instruction a classroom in which students learn to write because they care about the fina l product and want to do excellent work. Such an environment would teach students the ability to write by turning them into writers. Unfortunately, the American education system today is failing to teach many students even the basic skills they will need to survive. Statements by teachers that the greater number of the young people we teach do not know how to read, spell, write. use correct grammar, do simple math, remember, use logic are supported by statistics showing that only 55% of the nations 17-year olds and 4% of out-of-school adults are able to write na acceptable letter ording a product by mail. Yet the dominant response to this problem--competency testing in our public schools-- may be destroying any regard students may have for language by turning writing into a formulaic exercise.

Many states, in fact, have already responded to problems in their educational systems by passing laws mandating the skills that students must learn by a specified grade. The sutdents ability to reach the objectives and the facultys ability to teach this standards-based curriculum are then measured by statewide standardized tests. Students and schools that fall short of the mark can then be identified for improvement.

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