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a christmas story

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The old woman is a guilty of putting Buddy in danger because she is mentally ill, does not expose Buddy to the outside world, and puts Buddy is dangerous situations. This could be a major threat to Buddy and his life growing up because the old woman does not teach Buddy proper manners as a child.

One way that shows the old woman is mentally ill, is that she gives Buddy two tablespoons of whiskey. A child of seven! Whiskey on his breath! Are you out of your mind? Feeding a child of seven must be loony! Since Buddy is far from the drinking age, he has witnessed a big mistake in the old womans behavior, giving a child alcohol. By killing a rattlesnake with a hoe is another way of proving this woman is a very bad influence on Buddy. Killed with a hoe the biggest rattlesnake ever seen in this country (sixteen rattles). The old woman is a mentalcase for taking on a snake with only a hoe infront of Buddy. The old woman is not able to control her emotions. This could cause major harm in Buddys life because when people are upset you never know what they might do. Dont cry, dont cry. Buddy sits next to the old woman in the bed and tickles her feet, telling her that everything will be okay. By giving Buddy whiskey, killing a snake with only a hoe, and not being able to control her emotions is a danger in Buddys childhood because when he grows up he will not have proper ways to live his life by the mistakes the old woman has made.

The old woman is guilty of putting Buddy in danger by not exposing him to the outside world. The old woman is not social at all. ...My friend is shy with everyone except strangers that these strangers, are merest acquaintances, seem to be our true friends? Obviously, the old woman does not leave the house very often and has no real friends. Having poor people skills is dangerous to Buddy. This is a danger because later in life Buddy will not know any proper skills in meeting new people and will end up lonely like the old woman. ...merest acquaintances, seem to be our true friends? The old woman bakes fruitcakes for strangers who she claims to be her friends. The old woman lives a very boring life. ...Weve thirty cakes to bake. The highlight of the old womans year is baking fruitcakes for strangers. Not exposing Buddy to the outside world is a major threat to Buddys life because he will never learn good people skills.

The old woman is guilty because she exposes Buddy to dangerous situations. One situation that Buddy should not have been involved in was visiting Mr. Haha. ...its Mr. Haha Jones himself! This is a bad place for Buddy to be with the old woman. Another bad situation Buddy is in, is when the old woman leaves the stove on. ...My how foolish I am! and my friend cries, suddenly alert, like a woman remembering too late she has buscuits in the oven. The stove could have started a fire in the home where Buddy and the old woman stay. The old woman is easily excited about everything. Buddy, are you awake? Well, I cant sleep a hoot, she declares. My mind is jumping like a jack rabbit. The old woman gets more excited about Christmas than Buddy, and you do not know what the old woman will do. The old woman exposes Buddy to many dangerous situations that can harm Buddy in many ways.

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There is proof that the old woman is a major threat to Buddy. From Buddy living with the old woman for an extended period of time is a big risk, although the two have managed, some of the decisions the old woman makes is dangerous to Buddys health. Also, throughout the time together the old woman has taught Buddy some good lessons but since the decisions the old woman made were so terrible to be exposed to a young child, she is guilty for child endangerment and should have to give up custody of Buddy.

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