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Context vs Typography

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„X Are Visual variables used (e.g. value) that support the interaction, do any detract?

The visual variables are used frequently in this project. The contrast is great between the screen shots and the bold text the user of the steps shouldn¡¦t have a problem. The visual hierarchy is in order, the bold font is what the user looks at first then the picture, but if the picture is used more so than the instructions the user will not get lost either. The proximity on the pages could be spread out a little but since the pictures are in grayscale for easier printing, the color contrast and value is less of an issue.

„X Give examples of Gestalt principles that support the interaction and those that detract

The Gestalt principles are somewhat followed in my example. The continuity principle is followed to a tee. The flow of the line grouping is accomplished by my step processes fairly well in opinion. I also think the proximity principle is followed as well. The grouping of things by separating them is not really an issue in the step to step process but I feel the distance I left from each step to step is almost non-existent in the sense of someone messing up. The symmetry principle also plays a role because all of the steps that make up something to be done are all together in one step.

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„X What kind of typography is used? Is it effective?

The type of typography used throughout my project is the serif type. The serif type is very effective because the sans-serif type would be to difficult to read in the steps I have used. The close proximity of the descriptions of the pictures wouldn¡¦t have allowed the sans-serif type to be used, it would have been to spaced out and the Gestalt principle of proximity would have been denied.

„X Does this design consider context? How?

The context of this project is intended for a home user who is learning to use Front Page. The steps are simple and closely spaced so whenever a need arises for the user to look into the steps, nothing was missed. The points of view are close together and the screen shots follow the steps exactly from point to point. These steps in a lab or an office might not be legitimate because of their simple nature and might be considered beginner level.

„X Does this design consider culture? How?

This design of the step process by me considers culture in a great deal. The culture that I was targeting was the American Culture of North America. The European culture would not be able to understand this due to the different symbols used in Front Page. I know this having lived in Poland for 6 weeks and trying to accomplish many things on their personal computers.

„X Does the design follow each of the usability heuristics discussed in class, how? give examples and discuss each

To the best of my knowledge it does, the best one that it follows is the Metaphor Genre. The metaphor genre is initiating how things work based on experience with an item for the basis for the metaphor. Like for example the icon, ¡§My Computer¡¨ on the desktop refers to all the hard disks and optical disks inside your PC. The que¡¦s that I have used in my examples and the que¡¦s that Microsoft has used in their program(s) all relate to the action wanting to be done. For example, ¡§Save As¡K¡¨ refers to what you want to save the file as on your PC. This is only one example of the simpleness that Microsoft has programmed into their programs making it easier for the average PC user to create themselves on a Web page.

„X State the name of your own usage profile, and describe how this design supports you at your level of experience (or does not).

My usage profile for Microsoft Front Page is expert, due to the many ECT classes and internet related classes I have taken at DePaul and Oakton Community College (OCC). This design does not support my level of experience because this should be a natural process for a Web designer. My processes describe how to save a simple uncreated web page in a folder of your choice. There are many more steps to creating a web page to be posted on a web site, like the ergonomics and visual effects involved in creating a web site.

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