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Crichton’s Dino’s

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There have been many interesting novels written by twentieth century American writers. Many of them have interesting elements from science-fiction. The favorable elements of Jurassic Park are the author’s life, the story the novel tells, and the criticism behind it.

The author of Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton, has an interesting background. He was born on October , 14 in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Roslyn High School, where he was a star basketball player with an amazing height of six feet and seven inches. After high school, Crichton attended Harvard to become a writer. Then, he decided that the Harvard English Department was too hard for him, so he switched his major to anthropology. He paid his way through school by writing thrillers under different ghost writer names. He was married four different times. He married Joan Radam in 165 and divorced her in 170. Then, he married Kathleen St.Johns in 178 and divorces her in 180. Later, he married Suzanne Childs and that marriage didn’t work our either. Finally, he married Anne-Marie Martin in 187 and they are still married today. He has also won many awards including the 168 Edgar Award and the Mystery Writers of America Award. In 170, he won the Writer of the Year Award and the Association of American Medical Writers Award. Also, he won an Emmy, a Peabody, and a Writers Guild of America Award for the television show, ER (DISCovering Authors). Crichton has accomplished many goals in his short life.

The story of Jurassic Park is the most interesting element of the entire novel. The story is about a wealthy industrialist, John Hammond, who has a vision to use biotechnology to create the ultimate theme park. He buys a misty island off the coast of Puerto Rico called Isla Nublar, meaning “cloudy island.” (“Gene Genies”) He hires a well-trained team of geneticists who succeed in isolating dinosaur DNA from prehistoric mosquitoes trapped in amber. The investors believe that the park is unsafe, so Hammond must convince them it is safe by getting the approval of a hand picked team of specialists in this field. He invites them for a weekend in the park that they will never forget. Among these is Alan Grant, a paleontologist, Ellie Sattler, a botanist, Alex and Tim, his grandchildren, Donald Gennaro, a lawyer, and Ian Malcolm, the mathematician who foreshadows the outcome of the park with his theories of chaos and nonlinear equations. While these guests are on the tour, the computers break down due to industrial espionage, and the dinosaurs begin to take control of the park. The two most deadly and most terrifying dinosaurs that get loose are the tyrannosaurus rex and the velociraptors. The story continues on with killing, violence and more brilliant plans that all eventually fail. Then, of course, the eleven year old genius saves the day and fixes the adults mistakes (DISCovering Authors). Jurassic Park is a science-fiction thriller with twists, turns and, of course, violence.

Crichton writes this novel against scientific greed and arrogance. He uses a long list of disasters to complete a scientific thriller with violent death, cute kids, throat-clutching suspense and a race against time (Gene Genies). The scientific greed he uses is when Hammond and his team of geneticists try to bring back an extinct animal; the arrogance Crichton uses is when Hammond thinks that the animals are not as smart as he is. Hammond doesn’t give the dinosaurs as much respect as he should and this leads to the downfall of Jurassic Park. Crichton’s violent death in the story is all too gruesome for words. In one scene, he has the Tyrannosaurus Rex pounce on Gennaro, the lawyer and literally tears him apart limb by limb. Crichton also adds a little bit of cuteness through Hammond’s grandchildren, Tim and Alex. The entire novel is full of throat-clutching suspense because of the race against time. During the story, Grant, Tim and Alex must get out of the park and back to the lodge before Ellie and Hammond turn all the power to park back on. This provides an exciting and suspenseful race against time.

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Jurassic Park’s combination of popular novel and scientific populism has drawbacks such as sketchy characterization, careless writing and a certain lightweight effect (Gene Genies). Crichton does a good job of putting this novel together but he gets a little careless in some of the aspects of this novel. First, Crichton has some sketchy characterization. He leaves a little too much to the imagination. He doesn’t give enough information about some of his characters and the readers are left puzzled. Second, he has some careless writing. In some scenes in the novel, he didn’t describe enough of what was happening and left the reader’s asking questions and not fully understanding what was going on. Last, Jurassic Park had a lightweight effect on its reader’s. Despite these few problems, Crichton still has good intentions.

Crichton intends to show how the mysterious, unpredictable and scientific world of genetic engineering is very confusing and will only result in disaster. It may seem odd for the reader to encounter recombinant DNA, chaos theory, fractural geometry, dynamics and something tomography, but Crichton is good at putting all those ingredients together (Pterrified…). Not many of Crichton’s readers have heard of recombinant DNA, which is when the nitrogen base uracil takes the place of thymine. Another demerit to the novel is the chaos theory. Not many people can just describe the chaos theory off the top of their head. The other confusing parts of the novel are fractural geometry, dynamics and tomography. By using all theses theories, mathematics, and other scientific methods, Crichton shows us how science has become the servant of big business (“Pterrified…”). All of these help make this novel confusing to a large majority of its readers.

. The most important touch to the entire story lies behind why the eccentric tycoon is buying up all the amber in the world. The scientists on the island take mosquitoes out of this amber and recover long lost dinosaur DNA. These money-mad scientists intend to create an island park containing these creations. Tourists will pay for everything from tours, to admission, to rides, to accommodations and even miniature dinosaurs to take home as pets. It seems sort of foolish to go to all that effort, genius, and investment just for entertainment

The cast of Jurassic Park is alright, but very typical and not very imaginative. John Hammond is portrayed as a money-hungry rich man, who goes through a lot of trouble to build a huge amusement park. Alan Grant is the protagonist hero in the story. He is a paleontologist who gets grants from Hammond to keep excavating on his site in Montana. Ellie Sattler is Grant’s assistant, who works with prehistoric plants. Ian Malcolm is a young mathematician, who foreshadows the end of the story by giving his theories of chaos. Hammond totally despises Malcolm because Malcolm constantly criticizes his work. Dennis Nedry is a sleazy industrial spy, who wrecks the computer system just so that he can deliver some embryos for a large profit. Donald Gennaro is a cowardly lawyer, who abandons the helpless children and eventually is eaten. Last, there is the inevitable eleven year old genius, who can run the most sophisticated computer in the world in just a few minutes. The story line is very good, but I am still unable to grasp why society would have to go to such extreme measures for entertainment.

There are many great novels written by twentieth century writers. Some of these are love stories and fictional biographies, while others are science-fiction. One of these is Jurassic Park, by Michael Crichton, which shows scientific greed mixed with popular novel and scientific populism. It has become a very big hit and has had two sequels to it. The reason Jurassic Park is such a big hit is due to its author, the story it tells and the criticism behind it.

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