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History Essay on the early colonies

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The Northern and Middle colonies were endlessly different in custom, religion, and values even though some of the same forces helped shape both of them. Religion deeply affected the colonies profoundly, however while it drew the New England colonies toward puritan values, it led the Middle Atlantic colonies more towards general religious toleration. Both sections of America had vaguely democratic thoughts but were not particularly democratic in policy. The economies of both areas were closely tied to religion. The social scene in the North and Middle Atlantic was church for most people with little else.

Both regions had colonies with Governors who were appointed by the king, especially in the early years, but they eventually elected their own governors in a really rough version of democracy The Middle Colonies tended to be more liberal than their northern counterparts due to the large numbers of religiously persecuted men and women who came there when they were not wanted elsewhere. This led to a more religiously tolerant government than England had at this time. The New England Puritan church system was directly responsible for the town meeting sort of democracy. This was not actual equality however since only the landowning churchgoing white men could participate in the government.

Religion affected the early American economy deeply. In the Middle Atlantic Colonies where having one super dominant religion was less common, religious issues played a smaller part in shaping the economy. The economy of the Middle Atlantic Colonies was all about grain and a bit of tobacco. Small farms were prevalent and skilled craftspeople were scarce. Most all of the colonists worked hard and prospered in the new world. Puritans used the Bible as an excuse to persecute the Indians and take their land. They said they were wasting the land by not farming it aggressively enough and they took it for their own gain in the name of God. Puritans even believed that wealth was a sign of being one of the elect.

Religion was very important in the social scene of the Northern and Middle Atlantic Colonies. Religion dictated what people ate, played, believed, and did in their free time, not to mention their political ideas. The New England Puritan beliefs encouraged people not to celebrate much of anything too much including love and Christmas. The social life of practically all New England colonists revolved totally around the church. Church services could be the most exiting part of a colonists week. Also church related celebrations like weddings and even funerals were social events for the isolated families. Religion shaped the Middle Atlantic social trends in much the same way. While unlike puritans they allowed card playing, dancing and frivolous things like that, their weeks often revolved around church in the same way.

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Colonists lives revolved around their religion. In the New England area it was prevalently Puritan and in the Middle Atlantic region it was generally the less popular religions. All aspects of both sections were affected greatly by religion. It moved these sections, and all the individual colonies in totally different ways but religion was the driving force behind it.

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