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The importance of our history

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U.S. History

Importance of Our History

How many people do u know that likes to read the sequels to books before the first books. Most likely, you don’t know very many. However, although you may complain how boring and useless it is, our country could be a catastrophe without it. Our country’s people could also continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. How country could also do some costly things that we may’ve learned would not lead to good things from past experiences. It is very crucial that we study U.S. History because in the world today, we live with our countries scars still seen, its mementoes, and its everyday reminders of things still here.

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Something that has a great impact on us even today would be the things that are still not dealt with, or residues or scars. These are things that happened in history yet still impacts us today. An example of these could be relationships. When a friend hurts u very badly by doing something, you will always remember it and it will always be there. That is kind of what these “residues” do to our country. When our country may get in a war or disagreement with another country, we will always remember that. In fact, that will always have an influence on the way our culture and lives work. For example, The U.S. and the Chinese are not on good terms sometimes, that deeply effects the way we live our lives. That one “residue” affects where we get our clothes from, where we travel, and our alliances in wars. Maybe even because of one bad disagreement, our country is impacted on many levels. Another example is disagreements within ones country. For example, the civil war had a large influence on our past AND our present. Although the war is not still physically going on, many people still have different views and live their lives different ways because of the war. When the war broke out, the north and south were split. Even now, people have a hard time agreeing with the people of different sides. Blacks and whites also relive the racism that goes on. Blacks may always feel that they were not treated right, therefore have different opinions on whites. Therefore, the “residues” left by our history are important to learn so that we do not repeat our mistakes and understand the reason certain things are in the present.

When you go on vacation, if you buy a souvenir while there, when you later look at that souvenir, you will most likely be reminded of the vacation. That is how are countries mementoes are. Things seen today will always remind us of our past. These mementoes can range from a building to a type of person. An example of this would be the recent attacks on September 11, 001. We will always have a remnant of that day whether it is by a person lost or New York City. Another example would be Pearl Harbor. That was also a great attack on America by another country. Through those hard times the Americans pulled together to unite as a country. We remember those times by either a movie or a memorial. We should learn of our past struggles and times of suffer to give respect to our remnants of our past.

We still have many reminders everyday of many things in our past, things good, and things bad. We also can still feel the remainders of our problems. Such as, nation ties and racism with the blacks and whites. However, we also have many great reminders of how great our country had done in the past. These remainders and reminders could be things we kept in our culture or people even remembered. We will always have a reminder of our country being free and not having a monarchy. That should remind you of the Revolutionary War and what our ancestors went through. They stayed unified to work together; we also do the same today as we fight away terrorism. We also have everyday reminders our past presidents who did great things for our country. We still have a remainder of our laws. We should be reminded of our constitution and Declaration of Independence when we think of our laws and freedom. We should then learn of our past to appreciate how far we came as a country and the great things that got us here.

As a result, we should study our past to see where our country got our “scars” so that we may not repeat them. We should learn of our countries time of suffering and the remnants of those so we can see how our history has effected the present day U.S. We should also learn of the everyday reminders and things left still seen of our country to appreciate where we came from and how our country cam so far. Learning of our past is beneficiary in many different ways. So nest time you are dreading class or complain of the boredom, think about how our history effects the present day and how learning about our past can help lives our lives as Americans to the fullest.

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