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in the wildblade runnerbrave new world

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Question The experience of the wild exposes and educates

How well is this statement supported by your prescribed texts.

The statement that the experince of the wild exposes and educates is strongly supported by Brave New World (BNW)by Aldous Huxley and Blade Runner by Ridley Scott.

Aldous Huxley has used a contrast in response to convey this message in bnw. In chapter 5 Henry Foster says that it is fine to think that we are still socially useful even after were dead,. Hi is unable to value life more than death. This is a direct result of his conditioning involving hypnopeadia, which is a scientific jagon word used throughout the novel. Henrys seration from the natural rythms of life (those rythms that are portrayed by humans when they are in touch or in constant exposure to the wikd) and the education he is unable to gain from this is highlighted by a contrasting response to death. In chapter 14 the Savages voice [is] trembling with indignation when he reacts to a world that does not value or respect his mothers life. The savages response effectively conveys the natural rythm where by humans are depicted to be emotionally damaged by the loss of the life of a loved one. It is evident that Henry does not feel this emotional response to death because of his conditioning. AS a result he can not learn the value of life.

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Huxley has made specific reference to the scientific manipultion of humn response because there were many scientific experiments being conducted with in his context that involved the manipulation and understanding of humans. For example Ergonomics was popular in europe and Freuds phillosophies were controvercial. Huxley evidently believed this science could lead to the seperation of man from the wild and his consequencial emotions and values.

Huxley uses the symbolic voice of Mostapha Mond to express the value system of his dystopic society. This works effectively as a satircal technique bacuse it is the exzct opposite value system of this society that Huxley is trying to promote and Mostapha Mond gives the responder the clearest deffinition of this societies value system. Mostapha Mond says that sacrifices must be made in his society in order to achieve the desired state of stablilty, it resides in. It is therefore evident that sacrficing mans contact with the wild was not worth the stability it created with in society to Huxley, because of the lessons about particular values it tkes away from society.

Huxley wanted to empasize this point because reaction to the war lead to the League of Nations who world inforce stability. Huxley wanted to warn his society of the sacrifices they would have to make.

Ridley Scott uses symbolism to suggets that the replicants in his film are wild. That is that they respond in a way that nature would require them to. The eye is said to be the eye of the soul. The replicants are detected by movements in their eyes caused by an emotional response. This suggests that they have deep soul driven emotional reactions, which is a natural response. Deckard is exposed to many of these replicants throughout the film. Character response is used effectively in the film to convey Deckards journey of education through his exposure to the replicants. After callously hunting down zhora and shooting zhora Deckard appears to be startled. The responder is forced to recognise Deckards shock as he emotionally responds to his cruelty helping him to realise the value of life. Deckards journey that leads to his full comprhension of the value of life is concluded when Roy who could allow Dechard to fallto his death and who has the motives to do so due to the cruelty to him by Deckard pulls deckard into safety. Roy shows deckard in this instant the value of life that Deckard did not truly percieve. Roy valued Deckards life probably more than Deckard did.

Ridley Scott portrays this learning from commercial products because he wanted to alert the people of his context that they were becoming too concerned with commercial profit. Commercial profit value systems are depicted with reagonism. Ridleys Scott needed it known that we should never become so obsessed with profots that we need to be retaught the values learnt from nature because we have destroyed it.

It is evident both texts BNW and Br support the statemant that The experience of the wild exposes and educates,.

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