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management styles

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The article that I read is from Spiegel Magazine from July 00 (that is a German magazine, which I read in order not to forget my German).

The article discusses an event that occured in the business of cooking, so to say. A local restaurant was featuring the best italian cuisine and the owner of the business trusted his employees very much by providing them with all the information that he himself collected by working hard and learning from it.

His employees had access to every recipe in the book and they all knew how to prepare the dishes. The owner’s idea was that in case something happened to one employee (if he gets sick or etc.) there will be someone else to do his job asap.

He neglected to think that his employees are thinking of their own success and their own pocket a lot more than they think about his personal success. And sure enough there was a person who decided to go into the business for himself and he not only stole all the recipies from his original employee, he even took other employees with him by promising them more money.

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The moral of the story is not to be naiv and too trustful no matter how good of employees you have. They always think about putting more food on their family’s table and they don’t think and probably don’t even realize that the knowledge one receives is from the hard work.

Therefore, control is crutial. And the information that can be easily stolen should be put away from the employees and it should be impossible for the employees to put all the pieces of the info together. Each department should know only enough to do their job. Otherwise it is too easy for them to lie.

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