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Personal Thoughts on Maya Angelou’s Graduation

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The first impression that strikes the reader upon reading Maya Angelou’s Graduation is Angelou’s literary style, the masterful technique she uses. Essentially the style consists of descriptive passages, giving the reader a vivid insight into the story, and a powerful word choice that very well helps to depict the message of Angelou’s narrative. This is fundamentally where Angelou’s strength is derived from, her ability to develop such powerful emotions with the usage of such simplistic and easy to understand language. Such a writing style rivals the skill of great authors like John Steinbeck, who employed similar techniques.

However, aside from the literary technique, the story itself is a fantastic one, with a powerful message. Written as a vocation against racism in the earlier part of the 0th century, Angelou accurately represents the hardships faced by decedents of once slaves, and now a class of social outcasts, lower than the poorest and worst white man. In a time when the color of one’s skin determined socio-economic class, Angelou helps the reader to understand what hardships citizens had to face during those times. Angelou takes us through the graduation of herself as an eager young girl, full of hope and optimism. This cheerful attitude gets squelched however by a speech delivered by a Mr. Edward Donleavy, a citizen belonging to a higher social class; a white man.

With demeaning language and hurtful assertions about the African American, Mr. Donleavy, recalls Angelou, crushes the spirit of an entire community. Angelou experiences an intense moment of hatred and remorse follow the upsetting speech, but soon is replaced by her love of her people and culture. Angelou deemed that she and many of her contemporaries were proud to be who they were, no matter the injustice or intolerable cruelty they faced.

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