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Positioning: Sharpening Your Communications

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Positioning. An old Spanish proverb says, If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will lead you there.


How do you want to be perceived by your prospects?


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That’s positioning in a nutshell. It’s a theme that should weave it way through all your communications and marketing efforts. It represents who you are in relation to your prospects and your competitors. It’s your product’s reason for being.

Many business professionals experience a fight or flight reaction when the subject of positioning comes up. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you’ll remember this � you must take the time up-front to position your product or company in the minds of your prospects. If you don’t, they’ll do it for you. And what they come up with might be scary. Try this guide. If you only had one paragraph to describe yourself, what would you want others to know?

Positioning means setting your product or service apart from the competition. And the essence of good positioning is sacrifice. You have to give up something so your communications have focus. Don’t be lured into thinking you can be all things to all people. You can’t. Zero in on the turf you want to occupy and create your own niche.

Positioning is not something you do to a product it’s something you do to your prospect’s mind. This process is accomplished through a combination of marketing, research and creative.

True there’s more than one way to skin a cat or position a product. It’s also true there’s a best way. Your job is to find it. Begin by asking yourself How does my product fit in? Is it unique or different? For whom is it intended? Can I present it in such a way as to be recognizable, understood, wanted and believed? These questions can also help you sharpen your focus. Have you tried describing your product in your prospects language? How will your prospects benefit from your product? What are their demographics and buying habits? In what market segments can your product compete? And can you exploit competitive weaknesses?


Classic positioning


Here’s how positioning worked for the Avis Car Rental Company. They were number two in their industry. Their competitive difference was better, faster service. Their prospects were fast-paced business people.

Their positioning statement emerged as Although Avis is not the biggest car rental company, it’s the best one for the traveling business person who wants better, faster service.

They presented their positioning like this Because we’re Number Two (and want to be Number One) we have to try harder than the leader.

They further refined it to--We Try Harder.

Positioning also requires the ability to change. No position is ever set in concrete. You have to be flexible and responsive to your markets. If your position is wrong or outdated, you’ll find out soon enough.

CHER is a perfect example of flexibility. From her days of I’ve Got You Babe with Sonny, to Love Hurts and her revealing hip look in recent videos, she’s demonstrated she understands positioning and how to respond to what the market wants. In addition to her musical and acting career, she’s branched out into CherFitness exercise videos, haircare products and mail order catalog business. She’s a master marketer, and you can be one too.

Staking out your marketing position and putting it in writing is the critical first step you must take before allocating dollar one toward promotion. Only by doing this does promotion become an investment rather than an expense.

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