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Chapters 1-5 timeline

00-00 ad-Zenith of Mayan civilization

00 ad-Collapse of Mayan civilization

Aztecs found capital city of Tenochitlan

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151-conquest of Aztecs by Cortes


160-Plymouth and the Mayflower Compact

160-John Winthrop and Massachusetts Bay Colony

166-Roger Williams and Rhode Island


1608-French Quebec

1565-Spanish St. Augustine Florida

1610-Santa Fe New Mexico

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An Emerging Social and Political Order

Slavery in the south

New England Trade

Diversity in the middle colonies

the cities

English Administration of the Colonies

The Glorious Revolution in America

An emerging colonial system

The habit of self government



colonial assemblies

House of Burgesses (Virginia)

House of Delegates (Maryland)

House of Representatives (Massachusetts)

War and self-rule

Royal Proclamation of 176

George Grenville, first lord of the treasury

1764-Sugar Act

1764-Currency Act

1765-Stamp Act

1765-Quartering Act

Charles Townshend, chancellor of the Exchequer

1767-Townshend Acts

1767-Revenue Act

1767-Board of Customs Commissioners established in Boston

Lord North, chancellor of the Exchequer

177-Tea Act

1774-Boston Port Act, seeing remuneration for Boston Tea Party

1774-A new Quartering Act

1774-Massachusetts Governing Act

1775-Conciliatory Resolution

Colonial responses to British political intransigence

1765-Virginia House of Burgesses responds to Stamp Act

1765-Declaration of Rights and Grievances of the colonies

1774-First Continental Congress assembles in Philadelphia

Suffolk resolves declare null and void 1774 Intolerable Acts

Declaration of American Rights adopted

Continental Association of 1774

promotes boycotts of all British goods

April 18-1 1775- Revolutionary War begins at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts

Continental congress assumes role of government

Second Continental congress convenes in Philadelphia in May 1775

Declaration of Independence July 4th, 1776

American diplomacy

1778-France enters the war on the American side

177-Spain joins France against England

1780-England declares war on Holland

178-Peace of Paris

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