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Voyages of Discovery

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Voyages of Discovery

The voyages of discovery materialized from the Spanish’s need for spices, gold, free labor, and other goods. The Spanish financed many explores to search for a cheaper and quicker way to the Indies. The Indies and eastern Asia had abundant amounts of spices and silks that they were willing to trade at a relatively cheap price. The first of these explores was Christopher Columbus.

Columbus set forth from Spain in 14 and sailed east across the Atlantic Ocean. This was unheard of because at this time the majority of the population thought that the earth was flat and that any one that sailed east would fall off the edge of the earth. The original trade routes to eastern parts of Asia was to sail south around Africa and then north up to India or to take land routes across the European content then through the Asia to reach India. Columbus eventually landed in what is now San Salvador. Upon landed he was greeted by the native inhabitants, the Taino Indians. They were very hospitable and generous with their resources which included their women. Columbus realized that these people could be taken advantage of and turned into slaves. Thinking that he had reached Japan he returned back to Spain and told of his voyage. This sparked centuries of exploration and conquest of the newly found North and South Americas.

Spain then set forth more explores, who were actually conquers in particular Hernan Cortes. The Spanish weapons and military tactics were very advanced compared to the major empires of the Americas. The introduction of horses and guns easily dominated the fear stricken tribes. Cortez made allies, which he soon broke, with the harsh rulers. The rulers in the Americas used fear to dominate the smaller tribes. The rulers would command the smaller tribes to build their roads, pay tribute, and farm to support the major cities populations. The smaller tribes may have looked upon Cortes as being their liberator, but this was quickly changed. Cortes captured the rulers through varied techniques. Cortes tried to make these imprisoned chiefs into puppet rulers. When the rulers would object or try to find other methods of release they killed or executed. The Spanish easily conquered the Americas; the spread of European diseases, mainly small pox, wiped out most of the population and made the rest weak and vulnerable. After the Americas were controlled by Spain the people and resources were exploited.

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The natives of the Americas were forced into slavery working in the mining, agricultural, and shipping industries. At first the labor was actual slavery, the people would spend long hours slaving away to satisfy the always hungry European economy. The Spanish harvested the gold and silver. They also forced the people to produce food and leather goods to support the mining industry. Later in the exploitation of the Americas physical slavery disappeared but was changed into economical slavery. The workers would have to buy the necessities from the mining shops which would put them in a debt that they could never pay off. The money that was given to the workers was quickly given back to the industry plus some. The workers would then have to work to pay off the debts which in turn created more debt. The natives would eventually die from the hard labor in the mines.

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