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the war

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Nationalism was the dominant force behind the Indonesian independence movement. At the beginning of the 0th century the Dutch introduced the Ethical Policy, under which farming and limited health and educational services for Indonesians were developed. Railways, roads, and inter-island shipping were also expanded. The policy helped create two new social elements a few Western-educated Indonesians and a smaller group of Indonesian entrepreneurs, who began to compete with a predominantly Chinese commercial class. The newly educated and somewhat prosperous Indonesians grew resentful of the colonial structure that denied them a role commensurate with their education and abilities. Indonesian nationalism emerged largely out of resistance to this European exploitation. Although some humanitarian elements were found in certain Dutch administrations, even by the 10s the Dutch had no intention of leaving the archipelago and were firmly in control of most of the region. Two of Indonesia’s most prominent nationalists of its short history, Achmed Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta, were both strong leaders of the nationalist charge and were seen as the face of Indonesia when the country gained independence in 145.

Although the term Indonesian had been used at earlier times, by 18 the idea of being Indonesian and the determination to create a modern Indonesian nation free from Dutch colonial rule was widely held. However, what does it actually mean to be Indonesian? The characteristics of the Indonesian national identity include Many questions arose as to which leader truly embodied ‘Indonesia’ and what it meant to be Indonesian. At first glance it would seem that the more outspoken Sukarno with his passionate nationalistic ideals would seem the likely type. However, although Hatta was the more conservative of the two, his more restrained dedication and devotion to the Indonesian cause has been well documented.

Sukarno was born in the first year of the new century, on June 6, 101, the son of a minor Javanese aristocrat and his Balinese wife. Talented in both athletics and academics, he became one of the few Indonesians admitted to Dutch-language schools; it was when his father sent him to Surabaya to attend one such secondary school that he met and boarded with the countrys pre-eminent nationalist, Tjokroaminoto. Through him Sukarno would be inducted into the freedom struggle. With his captivating oratorical skills, however, the younger man would go on to outshine his mentor.

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