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About me

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About Me

Well, I’ll start writing a bit about myself (everything will mostly be about me and my frustrations, and of course OB..hehe), so when I read it some years ahead, it will be more interesting.

My whole name, given by my parents, is Signe Andersen, but I believe that I also have the name Tinelar Diamondust. Tinelar is Elvish for Signe, and Diamondust is something I came up with � with Svends help- when we were playing a computer game named Baldur’s Gate, where you have to make your own character. I’m born the 1 of May 187, and now it’s the 1 of October 00 so I’m … Just a sec. Gotta count….16 years, 4 months and 17 days old (or rather young). I don’t feel like counting the hours, minutes, and sec’s. It would take to long, cause I really suck a math. Let’s move on. I just finished primary-school which takes years, and now switched to Amt Gymnasium, which takes years. It’s like High School in America, but on a College level. It’s really hard. I only took it cause if my career doesn’t turn out the way I planned, I always have a Studenterbevis. I hate school, homework and everything that evolves around it. Sometimes I can’t even understand myself and my choice to go to school of my free will. It’s my first year (started 5 August 00) and I hate it already. I didn’t know anyone there, so it was quite awkward at first. Now it’s ‘ok’ but I don’t wanna talk about that…

I’m from Denmark (HATE this Blimey, bloody, depressing, stinking people, no depths country) and live at home with my year older sister Anne and my mom, who actually doesn’t know how to be a mom. I don’t even know if she really sees us. But that doesn’t matter, she’s never home anyway, and I can’t get a long with her anyway. Maybe I’m to much like my dad! My mom divorced my dad when I was 5-6. My dad now lives in Malaysia (LOVELY country), and is a full-blooded monk. We live in a 4 room apartment in KBH and are probably economically middle-class, even though my mom can’t stop spending money on other people. Charity-basket to other people, that’s what she is. She should cut down on it a bit, and buy something for herself.

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I have shoulder-length brown straight (thin) hair, green eyes (they change colours sometimes), heart-shaped face, not to long eyelashes, straight teeth (no, haven’t worn braces. ONE ting I’m lucky to have naturally), small boobs, no hips, small ass, quite long legs, musicians hands, and quite flat stomach (still working on it, or rather trying to…), and 1.7 in height. You could call me the Okay-tall, no forms skinny type. A bit Gwynyth Paltrowy. Yep, that’s me. I’m not happy with my looks, but I have to live with it, so I better make the most of what I got. Arina and some others, say that I look like a Greek Goddess, and maybe I do (yeah right), but right now, in my teen years, I don’t believe it. Guess it’s all the emotions and mood swings that make me so insecure. I have my ‘oh I’m actually quite pretty’ days, but not often enough.

I haven’t had a boyfriend yet!!! I’m 16 years old and I haven’t even got my first kiss. I feel like I’m quite behind, but there are others like me, which I know. I’m the type who waits for the ‘right one’ to come a long. I don’t wanna waste my time with meaningless petting and smooching when I know it’s not going to be anything more than just that. And that ‘right’ guy just hasn’t come a long yet. The one that will set my senses on fire. There is one, who can do that, you know… make your belly turn upside down with butterflies. But he’s quite out of my league. I’m not supposed to say that, but he really is. Right now I’m lookin’ at him, on my wall. Yep, he’s an actor called Orlando Bloom (beautiful name, and lead character in my day-dreaming), who you will hear lots and lots more about. But that’s later on.

I’m quite picky, cause most guys are the same here. All ordinary and normal. It’s boring. Of course they can be nice, but there’s not depth in them. Most people I’ve met in Denmark are like that. Absolutely NO depth. So that’s why I don’t really fancy going to parties and stuff like that. Because it’s all the same. Everyone else wants to in my age, go clubbing, smoke and drink till your head falls off, and you can’t walk straight even after you’ve been sleepin’ 10 hours and then you vomit it all out on the side of the toilet, because you can’t see straight yet. It’s just not my thing. I haven’t been drunk yet either (Beer tastes like piss and corn…YUCK). And to get to the point behind this, is that because I don’t do all those things that people my age find highly entertaining, and the only way to live life (otherwise you’re just lame and weird), does that I can’t really communicate with them. There’s not really anything to talk about. Of course it can be really fun, and you can discuss some subjects, but in the end, it’s not enough for me. I need someone to talk to, who can look over the smoke, party and drunkenness and see that there’s much more meaning to life than that. Someone who understands my line of thinking. And right now, I haven’t found that person (s) yet. Not a single ONE. Guess that will be later in my life (I hope), but sometimes I can really feel like an outcast because I don’t think like all other people. To summon it up for today, the main point is that I’m Weird, different and special. And even though it can be hurtful sometimes cause people don’t accept you, for who you are… I’m proud of who I am. I think it’s better to NOT to be just another one in the crowd. It makes me more interesting…It’s good to be weird.

The End

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