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Early Colonization

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Throughout history people have been known to flee their homes for even the most insubstantial opportunity of becoming something greater. Migration patterns have a major effect on the outcome, whether it be success or failure.

In Document a list predominantly consisting of males, with a small number of women is given concerning the immigrants who came were on their way from New England to the New World. . When the colonists arrived at their destination troubles between themselves immediately arose. The settlers were a group of young men that had no bonds to one another much less respect. They did not have a family to provide for, or anyone to answer to in terms their responsibilities. They were restless and shared no common sense of purpose or goal. The main purpose of their agitation was the lack of jobs. Young energetic men tend to become frantic when their energy is not put to use. In England they were accustomed to work only for a certain amount of time, but now in the Americas this system of labor wouldn’t suffice. The fact that not many women inhabited the area did not facilitate their spirit. Incidentally, leaders of the colony did poorly in the upbringing of Virginia. They sought personal gain and were too preoccupied with their own matters, while the colony suffered from starvation, attacks by Native Americans, poverty and disease.

Document 1 provides another list (proving names and ages of emigrants from Virginia), but this one consisting of a much wider range of ages and a more balanced ratio of men to women. This group of settlers migrated in groups of nuclear families, giving them an instant link to one another. Virginians traveled to the New World seeking soul redemption, being religious fanatics. When they were reached what would be the Massachusetts Bay Colony they shared a common logic of harmony. Not only this, but unlike their New England counterparts, they survived. Their low mortality rate was due to cleaner environment (water) and their belief of the covenant that existed between them and God. The “agreement” was that so long as the colonists abided by the Scriptures and presented and example to other Christians their town would prosper.

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