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The Great Gatsby - Behind all the glamour

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Behind the glamour of the extravagant parties thrown by Jay Gatsby, lies a dark underbelly of society, which is evident through out the novel. The reader may also become aware that behind the ‘show’ of the massive parties thrown by Gatsby, lie forces that are shallow and destructive. In this essay I will be examining what exactly lies behind the glamorous parties and how everything is not how it seems to be to everyone looking in from a distance.

The words that can be used to sum up the life behind the glamorous parties are ‘shallow’ and ‘destructive’. On the outside to everyone who attends the parties all that is seen is glamour and signs of wealth, which is provided by Gatsby, but behind all the wealth and glamour lie a darker side to it all. Tom and Daisy play a key role in this in several ways, one such way would be by using their ‘position in society’ to look down and pass judgement on people and make themselves think that they are better than every one else. As Nick says about Daisy, “in a moment she looked at me with a smirk on her face which asserted her place in a secret society that only her and Tom belonged to…” It is this mind that that allows Tom to cheat on his wife, Daisy and allow the both of them to walk so easily away from the death of Myrtle.

One example of how there is a ‘darker side’ to the glamorous parties is when Tom hits his own wife, Daisy in the face at one of the parties in front of the other guests, it is once again their attitude toward life which allows them to move on so easily from this incident. As well as the incident of Tom and Daisy ‘cheating’ on one another, both people are cheating on one another, yet when they find out a rather ‘careless’ attitude is shown by both of them and they are able to move on, so easily.

‘Carelessness’ is also shown quite a few times in the novel, their actions are careless and this is mainly due to the ‘ease’ of their lives. This carelessness can be seen when Tom and Daisy run away after Myrtle is killed or when Jordan is taking Nick driving, through the city. These people do not worry about their actions and do as they please, Tom is also not worried about hurting his relationship with Daisy so he makes the most of his relationship with Myrtle. Daisy in return, goes off with Gatsby with out a care in the world for her marriage. As the reader is shown, consequences are rarely thought of in the novel and the characters live their lives without thinking about their actions or the consequences of them.

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At the end of the novel the reader is also given the strong idea that Nick goes to the mid-west to ‘escape’ the culture that he has experienced whilst living with the characters in the novel.

The destructive and shallow forces in the novel are shown through several different ways, such as the way that the characters can live their lives so ‘care free’ and not think about consequences or their actions, or the way in which the characters are able to move on from things so easily and the ‘dark underbelly’ of the glamorous parties thrown by Jay Gatsby.

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