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Hitlers Germany

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Some races are better than others? Germans who belong to the Aryan race must keep themselves pure in order to become the ‘master’ race?” Are these the wise words of a great German dictator or the harsh words of an evil man whose hatred enabled him to kill more than 0 million people?

Adolf Hitler was born on 0 April 188, in Braunau. He was the rd child of his parents Alois and Klara.

He was an able boy and did well in primary school, but at secondary school it was a different matter. A common comment on his reports was unsatisfactory. He left school at the age of 16 with hopes of becoming an artist. He applied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts to complete his ambition to become and artist, but the academy turned him down because of the poor marks he received in secondary school. Hitler describes the next 5 years of his life as years of hardship and misery, but during those 5 years he became interested in politics. He supported nationalist parties, which wanted to make Austria more powerful. Hitler then began to hate people of a foreign race, especially the Jews. He thought the Jewish people were ruining the life and culture of his country. He claimed they were the biggest threat to the purity of the German. They were involved in a great conspiracy to take control of the world. They helped to bring about Germany’s defeat in the Great War; therefor Hitler wanted all Jews destroyed. But what attracted people to Hitler and the Nazi Party? Jews were not socially acceptable. Hitler didn’t even consider the Jews to be human beings so Jews who had jobs in the civil services or law lost their job. All Jewish shops were marked with a yellow star, and Jews who were in the park, train or bus had to stand or sit on separate seats. The Jewish population then had their German citizenship taken away. In many town Jews found it hard to buy groceries, medicine and be accepted in streets around Germany. Wherever the Jews went there were mocking signs about them. But this was all beneficial to the Nazi supporters. The Nazi Party gave jobs to those who showed pride to the swastika. The Nazi’s offered them better welfare services, cheap houses, and even cheap holiday’s abroad. Hitler even organized a people’s car to be made at a price anyone could afford. He named this car the Volkswagen.

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