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How Dumb I Think Ya'll Are For Making Me Write This Essay

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Well, lets see were I can start off. I came to this website last week to get some ideas on an essay I had to write and yall made me type 00 something words just to get through and now when I try to login this week yall want to act like yall dont remember nobody just so yall can make me type another useless essay. This smart but crude. But you know what Im going to do, Im going to copy some words from the internet so I can make 00 words real fast, because Im just wasting my time telling yall about how angry I am with this web site, but then again, I GUESS Im happy in a way. At least i dont have to pay any money to get an essay around here. So I take that back about what I said about how stupid this website is. But wait a minute, yall are making me type ANOTHER essay in this piece. Sooo, Im going to take THAT back once again. This is a stupid website.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest ladies I have ever came in contact with was my one and only great-grandmother, Zelma “Bigmama” Simmons-Clay. She has been around for a while now, and she still can attract anyone with her young-hearted personality. With her being the foundation of my family, everything leads back to her. Conversations like, “Girl, you getting Bigmama’s...!” or “Guess what Bigmama said.” always reminds me of the unique great-grandmother I have. With skills and finesse, Bigmama can achieve anything she puts her heart into. “Nobody can do it like Bigmama can, ‘cause Bigmama keeps it flawless!”, is what I always like to say.

In the year of 10, Zelma Simmons-Clay was born to Mr. and Mrs. Levy-Simmons on March 1th. She was raised in Crabb, TX (5 miles from Richmond) and attended school there too. Unlike her peers, she was very active at a young age. She played basketball for two years winning all games except one, ran track, and sung in her school choir. Singing an a cappella solo in a District Meeting at Prairie View, she won nd place at the age of 14. Even though she didn’t go to college, she attended night school at Yates High School in the late 60’s to further her education in being a nurse.

Sometime in her life, she was married and gave birth to three beautiful daughters (Marion, Nancy, and Acie) an a caring son (Charles). She raised her family in a household where God was always number one. Also she supported her children in everything they ever did. When her children were grown and gone, she worked at Twelve Oaks Hospital for fourteen (14) years and was on Private Duty for six (6) years. Today, she continues to carry out her ability to care for others even though she not working any more. Later she moved to Houston, and now she stays in Fort Bend County in Missouri City.

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With all life’s worries and work, she believed she had another job to do, and that was working for the Lord. Since 15, she has been a saved dedicated Christian. Evangelist Temple C.O.G.I.C. has been her church for 44 years in which she still attends today. She has been dedicated to her Pastor, Bishop Rufus Kyles Jr. and many positions in the church. Being the President of the Mother’s Board, a Pastor’s-Aide member, the Coordinator of the Pastor’s and Wife Anniversary, a Sunday School teacher, and the Choir President longer than anyone there, she has received trophies, numerous plaques, and other gifts of love.

To me, she is the most gifted person I know. She has done so much in her life, and she has not stopped yet. Every since she has had grandchildren, she was given the name “Bigmama” because her being more than just a mother to her children. With her “I ain’t scared of nothing” ways, she keeps me as a individual ready to take on life’s struggles like she did. Bigmama always tells everyone, “I’m blessed to have wonderful grandkids and great-grandkids. I hope to see them walk in my footsteps someday.” Personally, I hope to see that too.

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