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Pegasus vs Greenways

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Pegasus Cycles

Pegasus Cycles is a private limited company, manufacturing high quality bicycles. Because they are a manufacturing company, producing high quality bicycles, this means that they are working within the secondary sector. There business over the last ten years has slowly been dropping due to the fact most people are taking alternative means of transport � cars, trains, taxies and buses. The dropping interest of bicycles has meant the prices of them have steadily increased.

The location in which Pegasus Cycles is situated is in the Derbyshire area, this location is perfect for them because of the closeness of ports, airports, railways and of course main roads. Pegasus Cycles can easily import or export any products or materials.

Over the years, more and more people have moved on to the Tertiary. The future of Pegasus may not be good, this is because many of the UK manufacturers are moving abroad and more people want to work in the ever-expanding tertiary sector.

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Stakeholders are important to Pegasus Cycles, suppliers, local area population, customers all help to create a good image for Pegasus, and they keep the business alive. The employees of Pegasus keep to the high standards expected, them doing this helps keep the business alive. If the employees start wanting more wages then Pegasus will have to start letting employees go, then they will need redundancy money. This will be all necessary if Pegasus are to keep the profit coming and keeping the employees happy.

Tom Greenway

Tom Greenway is a sole trader, owning a business called Greenways Estate Agents. Greenways Estate Agents is working within the tertiary sector, this means Tom Greenway is providing a service. The service provided would be the selling and renting of houses and properties.

The location of Greenways Estate Agent is important; he is situated along a main street nearly in the centre of a town called Didsbury. There are three universities around the surrounding area, providing a lot of custom for Greenways. A lot of young student move to the area to study, they need somewhere to stay so the renting aspect of Greenways is perfect for them. Although Tom is making some profit from the students, he is not making as much as he would probably like too. Over the years, less people are buying houses; maybe this is because there are not as many new properties or that only the people that have full-time jobs can afford to buy houses. This is not really a problem because Greenways is doing just fine.

Greenways stakeholders are important because Greenways rivals are so close. Greenways needs to be the best they can be, this includes the best properties for sale alongside the best possible prices. Any conflict between stakeholders needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

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