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School Uniforms

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School uniforms should they be mandatory in public schools? While I was growing up I attended a private school and had to wear a uniform. I guess since having to wear a uniform from the time I was five until I graduated when I was seventeen, I really didn’t think about the other school especially public who didn’t wear uniforms. For me I always had my outfits picked out for the next day, day in and day out. I did not have to worry about what to wear, what other people were wearing and if my clothes were clean for that day. Our uniforms never changed over time even though I attended two different schools. The boy’s uniforms were blue blazers, white button down shirt, blue tie, gray slacks and penny loafers. The girl’s uniforms were white button down shirts, blue sleeveless dress, white knee socks and saddle shoes.

Today having two children I am faced with surveys coming home all the time asking if school uniforms should be mandated. After all the laundry and shopping that I have done over time just to make sure the children have stylish clothes and the clean clothes they want for that day, I have come to be the one in favor of uniforms in all schools. Sometimes the clothes I buy get ruined at school and I am not in a position where I can buy two children two sets of clothes one for school and one for play. I do not remember anyone’s uniforms every getting ruined while I was growing up in school. It to me would be cheaper to buy 5 white button down shirts or polo shirts then to have to keep up with today stylish and expensive clothes.

While do some research on the Internet about school uniforms, I had found a few articles where there seems to be a connection with school behavior in school that have mandated uniforms. They feel the children are better behaved then those who do not wear uniforms. I wonder if it is like a prisoner in jail who is striped of his identity and everyone is the same or if there really is no connection in behavior in uniform. I know during my school days we never had any behavior problems with students. Sometimes there would be the occasional student who acted up, but not like today’s school and problems that we hear about all the time. Whether or not the uniforms make better behavior is something that should be study more for it would add an extra bonus if it did, but just for me the time saving and money saving I would get out of uniforms makes me all in favor for mandating them.

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