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lacrosse dodges

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Jeromy Dinsmore Page 1

Eng. 101


Miss Armentroute

Lacrosse is a entertaining sport I like to play. Ive only played for

seasons, but I caught on quick and was soon scoring goals. In lacrosse you

need to know the rules before you play, just like any oter sport or game, the

equipment, and different skills and techniques to handle the ball and stick.

In this essay I will teach you four basic dodges you can do while playing

lacrosse. There are four dodges that I like to do, face dodge, roll dodge, split

dodge and finally bull dodge, are simple dodges anyone can do with a little time

and practice. If one can master these then that person will be on their way to

scoring goals in no time.

First someone interrested in lacrosse needs to get the equipment to play

lacrosse. All of the equipment is a lacrosse stick, including the shaft and head,

shoulder pads, rib pads, elbow pads, gloves, helmet, and a mouth piece. For

someone who is just starting to play I recomend buying only a stick and possibly

gloves so you can feel how to handle the stick while wearing lacrosse gloves.

The reason someone just starting out shouldnt buy all the equipment is because

lacrosse equipment usually expensive and if that person doesnt like the sport

then they dont have all the equipment put to no use.

The face dodge is probably the easiest dodge to learn and is also very

effective. After catching the ball from a teammate, the defense man is usually

going to play man-to-man, which is where he is right on the player trying to get

the ball out of the stick. As he charges out at the person with the ball, which at


the time is in his right hand, that person winds up to take a shot or fakes a pass,

both are done by pulling you stick slightly behind your head. Instead of passing

or taking the shot the offensive player then pulls the stick across their face

tucking it by their opposite ear. After it is done successfully, the player holding

the ball accelerates past the defense man on his left side to an opening for a

shot on goal or a pass to another teammate. This type of dodge is the most

common used by lacrosse players.

The split dodge is similar to the face dodge but instead of making the

deffense man think that the player with the ball is going to pass or shoot the ball

they are going to make him think that the offensive player is running by him on

one side. First the player with the ball runs to the defense man and takes a fast

plant with their front foot and fake going that way. So if they have the ball in the

right hand they fast plant their right foot when they get to a defense man. Next

they switch their stick from their right hand to the left in front of their face and

while accelerating past the defense man on the left side.

The roll dodge is very effective for the quicker lacrosse player. On the way

to the goal a player is feeling that the defense man is playing one of their hands

more than the other, lets say the right hand. This means that the defensive

player is checking his right side more than the left. As they feel this pressure

they fast plant their right foot to the left, front side of the defense man and turn

their back to the defense man. While the player with the ball is in the spinning

motion the player tucks their stick in between their legs keeping the head of the

stick close to their chest or stomache area. Keeping the stick close prevents the


defense man from hitting a players stick and knocking the ball loose. During the

spin the player must switch hands midway through the spin hoping to catch him

off balance then proceed to turn around him. This quick change of direction

should free the offensive player enough to either draw a double team or allow a

good shot on goal. To confuse the defense man more try doing this fake a few

times on him, but instead of turning to the opposite side you fast plant on,

change directions up. Rather than than fast planting on the right foot and

spinning right, fast plant on the right foot and begin to turn right but in mid-spin

turn back to the left. This must be done as fast as possible in order to catch the

defense man off guard.

Bull dodge, as its name suggests is for a player that has a size or strength

advantage over the defense man. There is not too much to this dodge, but

getting in close to the defense man and basically running over him. When a

player has the ball and is attempting at a bull dodge, first they should pull the

stick in close to themself and then lower their shoulder and avoid contact with the

helmet. One should never hit someone else with their helmet becuase it can

cause serious head or neck injury. Once one has knocked down the defense

man move in for a shot on goal. If the bull dodge is successful, the player should

back off of the defense man quick then attept another dodge or just get rid of the


A few things to remember about all these dodges is that they must be

done at full speed in an actual game. Lacrosse is a fast sport. An offensive

player should not go half speed through them because this will give the defense

Page 4

man time to catch up with the offensive player after the dodge. If they catch up

to the player with the ball then that gives more risk for them to lose the ball. If

one wants to get these dodges perfect they must practice at them starting slow

by themselves, just to get the footing and stick positions correct, then moving at

a faster pace and eventually playing against a defensive player.

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