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I AM GIVING AN ESSALooking for Alibrandi- Melina Marchetta

1st paragraph- Book is a first person narrative (engages the reader, makes it more intimate/personal) looking at the life of Josie, year 1, HSC, illegitimate.

nd paragraph- Change in perspective of father-Michael Andretti- whom she has never seen and as just came into the picture.

INITIAL PERSPETIVE OF MICHAEL- she doesn’t want to know him. Shown with negative emotive language towards him at initial meeting “How dare you think that I want you in my life”

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rd Paragraph-PROCESS OF CHANGE- An incident at school arises and she needs Michaels help. This is the major changing point in perspective of her father. She calls Michael to help her, he does and Josie has a change of heart and accepts him and feels proud to have him in her life. Shown with the positive language used in the quote “How proud to walk alongside ones father”

4th paragraph

INITIAL PERSPECTIVE-Another major change in perspective seen in the novel is Josephine’s view of her own identity. Initially, Josephine believes that her appearance and ethnic background is the determining factor of social acceptance. She also believes that because she is at a wealthy school on a scholarship and has no father she is looked down upon.

CHANGE-When Josephine is told by Sister Louise that she was actually voted school captain but was given the role of vice captain because they felt she lacked the leadership skills she has a sudden change in perspective on herself. She had always felt she was not popular but now has realised she is actually one of the most popular girls in school. At that moment, Josephine says, in first person, “I knew deep down that I was wrong and I think that my emancipation began at that moment.”


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