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american rice in vietnam

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1. Does American Rice “have what it takes” to be a successful international competitor? Yes or no, and why?

In my opinion, American Rice has the competitive advantages to be a successful international competitor

- the combination of product and rice source diversity, coupled with predominance of branded sales

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- 1% of the US rice crop, 5% of US rice exports and 1% of the US domestic retail, supermarket rice sales Þ huge resources and already strong export basement

- 14 58% of ARI’s revenues derived from export sales

- first mover strategy to enter new markets

for instance the Japanese market (medium and short grain rice preference)

Þ 6% of rice shipments from US market to Japan

- the company’s reputation for selling high quality rice

- no international competitor that would control more than 5% of the export market

. Is Vietnam a suitable expansion location for American Rice? Yes or no, and why?

I’m not that sure that Vietnam is a suitable expansion location considering those facts

- predominantly low quality rice exports (due to poor drying, milling and seed)

- frequent delays in filling contracts

- high shipping costs

- the relationship between rice exports and domestic consumption = an important issue for Vietnam’s agricultural sector exportable surplus of rice vs. regional rice shortages that result in Government’s restricting export measures.

- Corporate profits in Vietnam are subject to 50% tax

- Numerous cultural differences exist between the Vietnamese and Western invertors negotiating style vs. legal concepts

- joint venture arrangements include technical transfer as part of a capital contribution

Nevertheless, Vietnam presents also some advantages, such as

- rice = the Vietnam’s second largest export item after oil

- only regional food corporations and provincial food companies possess licences to export rice (Vinafood belongs to these three)

- Vinafood II has concentrated on higher quality Vietnamese rice and has become Vietnam’s largest rice exporter (over $00 million and 5-40% of Vietnam’s total rice exports in 1)

If Vinafood II doesn’t succeed to obtain the government agreements (licence, tax reductions…), Vietnam is not suitable. Anyway it seems risky.

. What was the entry mode that American Rice chose to access Vietnam? How do you evaluate this entry mode?

American Rice chose to set up a joint venture with Vinafood II to access Vietnam.

Considering Vietnam is a communist republic, the fact that Vinafood II is government owned can facilitate the arrangements.

On the other hand, regarding History, Americans and Vietnamese are not best friends, and confidence will be hard to build between the two parts.

IRA is going to provide 55% of the capital + furnish machinery, equipment, technology and some working capital + consulting competencies.

I think IRA’s commit

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