Thursday, July 12, 2012

black rock

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Nick Enright’s tale of destruction in a small town touches on many controversial subjects, including rape, suicide and dealing with the pressures of teenage life. The playwrights intentions in producing the contentious script is to concentrate on the aftermath of the disturbing party, rape and murder rather than describing the event in great detail. The story continues to describe the way each of the main characters deal with the death and their reactions are portrayed according to Stanislavski’s techniques. Stanislavski believed in the actor becoming the character through body, mind and soul, therefore producing a realistic performance. The actor must apply techniques such as given circumstances, text and subtext, objectives and super objectives to support the realistic performance.

Brett Ricketson is introduced into the play with blah blah blah describe what he is like etc. Using Stanislavski’s given circumstances, I would use aspects of Brett Ricketson’s life such as his troubled past, tendency to live dangerously, the fact that he is years old and hangs around with 17 year olds, he has inordinate amounts of respect from all the boys in Blackrock and he is rejected by his only remaining family, his father, to portray his troubled character to the best of my ability. Ricko is introduced in scene one and his given circumstance become clear as he delivers a line in response to Jared asking him what he plans to do now that he has returned to Blackrock. Ricko replies, “Going to give the van a good work over, and you’re going to help me. About time you learnt something useful, eh?” If I were to play Ricko in this scene, I would deliver the line with particular emphasis on the word ‘you’re’ to show direction.

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