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Caramel pie

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Mouth Watering Caramel Pie

A caramel pie is one of my favorite deserts. There are easy to make but it takes about an hour and a half. With the right ingredients, I will lead you to make a mouth watering carmel pie.

Now its time to start gathering the right ingredients, so you need to go down to your local grocery store to buy the ingredients. Some of the ingredients or tools you need may be at your house. Here is the list of the ingredients or tools you may need to pick up at the store a big sauce pan, gram cracker piecrust, eagle brand sweetened condensed milk, whip cream, chocolate chip and a can opener.

After you gather all the ingredients and tools, its time to start the caramel making process. First take the pan and fill it up with water and put it on the stove. Then get the condensed milk can and tear label off and put it in the pan so it can boil. You need to boil the can on high and on its side where it is standing up for 0 minutes, then turn the can on its side and let boil for another 0 minutes, and finale turn the can one more time on its right side up. You need to be careful because the water will boil out so you need to keep adding water. The most important part is to keep the water over the can, because the can will explode if the water is not over the top of the can. This is the part that takes the longest because the milk needs to caramelize.

After the can boil it is very simple from here on out. Take the pan with the cans in it and put it under the sink to let the water foist run on cold so the hot water will run out. Now that the cans are cooled off, you can take them out and use the can opener to open it. You need to take a paper towel to put over the can so it doesn’t have a chance to explode when you open it.

Take the open can a put caramel in the gram cracker piecrust. Now put the top on the pie and stick it in the refrigerator so the caramel can cool down because if you put the whip cream on the pie when it is hot it might melt it.

It needs to be in the refrigerator for a day so it can cool down.

The next day, you can get it out and put the whip cream and the chocolate chips on. You can decorate it with the chocolate chips any way you want. Finale when all the toppings are on, you can enjoy the pie.

Now that you have made your own mouth watering caramel pie, you can make it at all holidays or special occasion. I have now given you a great skill of pie making and I hope you use it well.

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