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Character study in "A Chip in the Sugar"

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Blood is present all through out the play. People automatically put an image of red liquid in their head when they think of blood, but when Shakespeare writes about blood its not always gore and guts. In Macbeth it is represented by many things like Evil, Guilt and Death.

Blood often appears as / or as a result of evil. The Blood also comes back to haunt the character to remind them of the evil the character has caused. This happened when the murderer came to see Macbeth at the banquet scene. The murderer had blood all over their face and it reminded Macbeth that he had committed a very evil deed by killing his best friend. Macbeth also dreams of a knife covered in blood. It is about the killing of Duncan, which is a very evil deed. It is very important to have evil in the play because it makes the characters go crazy and leads them to their ultimate demise.

Towards the middle-end of the play the characters start to feel strong guilt about their deeds they have committed. A nurse and a doctor spot Lady Macbeth vigorously scrubbing blood off her hands. Infact there was no blood on her hands, it was guilt. And try as she might she couldn’t get it off her hands. She didn’t want that guilt. Blood was only represented as a “skin” and guilt was actually what she was trying to get rid of. The blood did also represent the killings though. Lady Macbeth said things like; “Out damned spot, out I say…who would of thought the old man had so much blood in him…will these hands ever be clean?” These quotes prove that Lady Macbeth was overcome by guilt that was represented by the blood. Lady Macbeth though that it took only a little bit of water to wash off the blood, but it was actually guilt and took a lot more to get off, her life. Guilt is important in the play because that’s what leads Lady Macbeth to suicide and Macbeth to go crazy.

Blood also represents death and is present everywhere. From the battlefields, to the kings chamber, to floating knifes, to murderers hands. Blood is evidence that needs to be washed off so it doesn’t give away vital information. Blood is the result of killing and injuring. From the murderers faces to Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s hands, blood shows that deaths have happened. Death is important in the play because without it nothing would of gone the way it did. Macbeth would not of been crowned Thane of Cawdor and Duncan would not of been murdered.

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Blood is one of the most important things in the play because without it there would have been no play. Blood represented Guilt, Evil and Death three of the most important things in the play.

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