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A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

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A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole � Covering pages 1 through 110 of 46 total pages.

A. This story takes place in late 160s New Orleans.

B. The protagonist of the story is Ignatius J. Reilly. He is an educated yet bumbling oaf. Ignatius is a larger than life character who has trouble fitting into the accepted role of society. He is a large man and his unusual method of dress has made him the suspect of Mr. Mancuso; a cop struggling to meet his quota of suspicious person arrests. In the early parts of this book Ignatius seems to be motivated by cynicism alone. He lives to complain about others while doing very little for himself. He is a very intelligent character, having received a master’s degree, yet he is obviously lacking in social skills.

C. Conflicts are one thing this character has had an abundance of. Ignatius J. Reilly has a problem with just about everyone and everything. As a student of European history, he pities himself for having been born into this century. Ignatius will go to bad movies just to mock others for enjoying such garbage. The only clear antagonist is also Ignatius J. Reilly. He is extremely self-centered. He cannot be bothered by the problems of others in the world. Even his own mother, who he still lives with at the age of thirty, has been unsuccessful in making him get a job until recently. Ignatius’ mother was recently in a car accident in which she was driving while intoxicated. Rather than take her to court, and probably send her to jail, the victim has asked for a settlement, but it is more than Mrs. Reilly can afford. Ignatius finally concedes to find a job, but not to help out his mother. The goal of his job isn’t money, but rather to get an inside view of the society that he so abhors.

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D. Currently a main issue in the story is Ignatius’ job at Levy Pants. In his private journals and in dialogue Ignatius has vowed to renovate the Levy Company which is plagued by employees with bad work habits and the feeble, yet humorous, Miss Trixie. Ignatius has been pretty true to his word as of yet, so I believe that the future of the story will center largely on his role with the Levy Company. Characters, as well as businesses, have been introduced in this story with a problem which is later addressed. Examples of this are the Night of Joy Bar, Jones, Mr. Mancuso, and Mrs. Reilly. Of these, Jones for example, was introduced at a police station being after being arrested for vagrancy. A few chapters later he gets a job at the Night of Joy Bar, an establishment needing good, and cheap help, but also the sight of an altercation between the Reilly’s and the bar’s owner. The problem for Levy Pants is efficiency. Barely any work gets done because employees are not on a strict work schedule. People show up to work on some days, but won’t call or show up others. Because of the low wages Levy Pants offers, temporary help seems to be all they can find. Ignatius has pledged to turn the company around. I am unsure if he will be successful, but he will certainly try and the result should be entertaining either way.

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