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to smoke subsequently and creates an eerie mist around the house. Mist on the swimming pool also adds apprehension.

The camera follows her through a corridor to give us a better view of her surroundings. We see that the house has many windows so that increases Casey’s vulnerability. In the living room, the blue screen on the television is a real focus point. This could perhaps symbolize that her life, or these next 10 minutes, is a movie waiting to happen.

The killer says, “I wanna know who I’m looking at”. We hear some non-digenetic music to make it clear that the telephone call is serious. Digenetic dogs bark in the background to display that there is someone there. Casey has a sense that someone could be there so she turns on the patio light and looks out to the misty pool. She locks the doors as a safety precaution and is very on edge. The narrative here is beginning to ‘crank up’ the tension for the audience.

The telephone rings again while she is the unreliable safety of the dark. She gets irate with the persistent caller the next time he telephones and tells him to “dial someone else”. In the background non-dietetically, violins are accompanied with bass drums. They add tension to the scene. Casey walks through to the kitchen and is about to check on the burning popcorn, which has smoke emitting from it, when the telephone rings again. The tone in her voice is serious, as she wants him to leave her alone but then is shocked when he turns on her. The music plays a very big part from now on to help the narrative.

She runs to the front door, locking other doors on the way and looks out of the top windows. We see her point of view and there is nobody out there. The way the camera has shot her you would think the killer would come up behind her on the right hand side. A code that is used in theatre says that bad characters come on the left of the stage, sinister in Latin, and the good should come on the right. The killer asks if she can see him and that gives us confirmation that he is there. Casey says that she is “two seconds away from calling the police” but police in these genre films never make it in time and when they do, they are useless.


Hundred Swords

Iron Helix

Ironman X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal

Jet Moto

Jones in The Fast Lane

Judge Dredd Dredd Vs. Death

Loadstar Army Men Air Tactics

Army Men Sarges Heroes

Army Men Toys in Space

Army Men World War

Bio Freaks

Bladerunner (DVD-Rom)


Breath of Fire 4

Cannon Fodder

Chex Quest

College Slam

Corpse Killer

Crow City of Angels

Desert Strike Return to the Gulf

Emergency Fire Response

Firestorm Thunderhawk

Frogger The Great Quest

Galaga Destination Earth

GTA Vice City

Gulf War Operation Desert Hammer



Hooligans - Storm over Europe


Hundred Swords

Iron Helix

Ironman X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal

Jet Moto

Jones in The Fast Lane

Judge Dredd Dredd Vs. Death


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