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dead poet society

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Rebelling from Conformity

In the movie “Dead Poet Society” the theme elaborates on the idea of conformity, and shows the importance of individuality in a traditional society. In our world today it appears that everyone does what is acceptable in the eyes of others, and it is a rarity to see independence in the eyes of the individual. The “Dead Poet Society” proves that every human being is capable of the unimaginable, but it is up to the individual to push himself to the next level. One cannot go through life living and dwelling in the interests of what seems acceptable, but rather the individual needs to form their own interests and live their lives for themselves. By putting conformity aside and living through will and wit, one will find himself living a glorious life, and a life that is fueled by ambition and self fulfillment.

The movie starts out with a general focus on a group of boys in a private high school. The school is a typical example of conformity because it is an all boy school in which everyone wears a matching uniform. The kids were sent to this high school by their parents with the expectations of obtaining good grades while receiving a high class education. It is obvious that not everyone wanted to be in this traditional environment, but they still stayed and were sucked into a conform way of living. If it wasn’t for their English teacher, Mr. Keating, the students may have never had the opportunity to think and live for themselves. It was him who shaped the young men into adults, by showing them how to separate unity and individuality.

In life everyone needs to have positive role models, and in this case Mr. Keating was that person. He taught the young men to think for themselves, and to not just accept the ideas of others. He taught his classes through poetry, and showed them the truths that lay behind the Dead Poet Society. A group of about fifteen soon joined what they called the Dead Poet Society. It was through this society where they learned that there was more to life than just going through the motions. It gave them a new outlook on life, and the perceptions on their school were now different. They once were there because they had to be, but now they were there because they wanted to be. Two boys in the Dead Poet Society, Todd and Neil, learned that they could be individuals even though they were surrounded by conformity. Individuality became important to them, and unfortunately Neil figured it out too late.

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Neil always struggled against the idea of conformity, and it was obvious that he wanted to be his own person. He lived life for others and not for himself, and mainly he wanted to impress his father. He was the first to stand against conformity when he decided to start the Dead Poet Society, which was against school rules. He also chose to be his own person by joining the school play and winning the lead role, while going against the will of his father. He showed the other boys that it was important to do what you want to do in life and not what others want you to do. He was the ideal leader of his school who showed that everyone needs to have their own ambitions. However, the ambitious leader soon became frustrated with his life, and pressured by his father that led him to the point of death. Neil’s father continued to butt into his life and direct his every move, which eventually killed him. Neil’s death brought out the realization of life to the other young men. His death made them strife to have that ambition that he once had. His wit and love for life was shattered by one man, and seeing this only fired up a new way of living in the rest of the young men’s lives. It is obvious that Neil’s death enabled his companions to put conformity aside, and live life to the fullest while making it your own.

The loss of one life saved the lives of many others, and in this case the Dead Poet Society lived on. Neil’s companions watched him time and time again go through the pressures issued by his father. They learned that they had ample opportunities to do what they wanted with their lives. Each and every one of the individuals learned the hard way to individuality. While being surrounded by conformity and being united as one, it is hard to stand out as an individual. However, these boys became men and stood out, changing their lives forever while learning to control their lives rather than having life control them. It is safe to say that the Dead Poet Society went on to live glorious lives of individuality when they graduated. The young men became adults and their ambitions led them to a life of happiness.

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