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how to be a ceo

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George Henry is Chief Executive at the Community Foundation where he has worked for the past 15 years. He has previously worked as a social worker, ran a family services unit in an inner city estate, and was director of an umbrella organization for problem drinkers in London.

George consciously chose to work in the voluntary sector as he prefers its nature and character, as well as the freedom it allows people to try different things out. However, George does admit that there was no planning or set structure to his career path and says, I got to where I am now by an awful lot of chance. I took advantage of the opportunities that appeared and did jobs that interested me.

Throughout his career George has taken part in various training courses for group dynamics. It¡¦s an area of particular interest to him, and has provided much knowledge that has proved relevant for numerous aspects of his job. He considers his two year training at the Tavistock Institute in Consultation to Work Organizations to be most beneficial. George says, It gave me a much better understanding of the issues that affect the workings of organizations and how to get the best out of people.

George has also had experience of working with various people from different cultures as a member of an international network for community foundation executives. He adds, You have to be prepared to learn from other people and I¡¦ve gained immeasurable knowledge from working with people from other countries, particularly the US where community foundations are much further developed.

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George finds his job hugely rewarding as he is able to help people in small community groups with their valuable work, and has the chance to work with a host of people who are able to do a lot for the community financially. The only disadvantage according to George is, Due to the expansion of the foundation I have to spend more time in the office and on running the business, instead of out meeting people and testing new ideas.

George recruits staff from various different backgrounds and believes the most important skills for people to have are motivation, enthusiasm and the ability to relate well to people. He says, Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.

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