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Current Business Research Project

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Current Business Research Project

The Census Bureau “The Census Bureau provides statistical information about the economy and the society. In the past the Federal Statistical System has gathered this information every ten years. The plan now is to activate The Census Bureau annually. The Census Bureau also plans to develop official measures of electronic business activity, and to evaluate how e-business affects existing measures of economic activity.” The recently released projections of the population of the United States is from 1 100. The results have included age, sex, race, Hispanic origin, and nativity.

The business problems under investigation are getting an accurate read on the population by asking the correct questions, and receiving accurate answers, also the cooperation of the population is essential. While living in New York City, I was a census taker one year, and the experience was revealing. The citizens of New York City were reluctant to answer questions. They stated that it was no ones business how many people lived in their homes. They refused to reveal their occupations, and declined to answer other pertinent questions. They did not welcome us to their neighborhoods, and the bystanders on the street intimidated us. At that time taking the census, and reporting the findings were inaccurate. The Internal Revenue Service probably has a more accurate account of the statistics that the Census Bureau would need for a complete periodic official count of the population. Some people have reported themselves on the census, but neglected to report deaths. There are many documents missing that are needed to keep accurate accounts of the population. Responses such as “other race” are in a separate category, so the estimates are inaccurate.

The method of projecting the population consists of variables such as age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. The birth rate and the death rate are also factors. The age group 85 years and older are calculated in a different manner due to inaccuracies.“ There is a mathematical model developed by Coale and Kisker to obtain death rates of 1.0 for both males and females at age 115 for all race and

Hispanic origin groups.” Other variables to consider are migration to the United States by race and Hispanic origin. There are also the Emigration of Legal United States Residents, and Foreign- Born Emigration. The projected fertility rates, and life expectancy at birth by race and Hispanic Origin. It is difficult to estimate the declining race and Hispanic origin mortality differentials. The definitions of race and origin are ever changing, and increasing rates of intermarriage may serve to reduce differentials in the future.

“The methodology and assumptions are used to develop the recently released projections of the population of the United States from 1 to 100. The new series includes projections of the population by single year of age, sex, race, Hispanic Origin, and nativity. The extension of the series to 100 carries the projections 0 years further into the future than any series previously issued by the Census Bureau. Projecting the human population continues to be an evolving science, and future developments will provide the basis to revise these assumptions in future years”.

The Census Bureau provides statistical information about the economy and the society. This task cannot be easy with an ever-changing society. This is pertinent information and as time and resources will allow the system should be enhanced with new technology. The numerous errors in the past are due to human error. There will always be people who embellish the truth, and people who refuse to cooperate, but a good estimate should suffice. There are citizens who fail to realize that the census has a great deal to do with where schools, housing, jobs, parks and other activities are located. Some people fail to realize the duty of the United States Census idyllically they might be more cooperative.

The Census that arrives in the mail may persuade people to be more cooperative. It could be that people would be more forthcoming if no one intruded in their space. This is not full proof, but it could provide accuracy and lead to better cooperation. I am not sure if all of the information is reaching the public, but it would go a long way towards getting people to cooperate.


Hollmann, Frederick W., Kallan, Jeffrey E., & Mulder, Tammany J (000). Methodology and Assumptions for the Population projections of the United States 1 to 100. Retrieved June , 00, from http//

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