Monday, September 3, 2012

Gay Rights

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There are many couples that would like to have children, but can’t. Sometimes they just choose to live life that way, and not explore their options.

Need Children that need to be adopted domestically, and internationally

(Why more people choose to adopt internationally)

Plan To inform more people about adoption, To Limit the qualifications for adoptions.

There are so many children that need families, and there are so many families that are so close to be able to adopt but because of stipulations like their age, health, employment, religion, and marital status they are not able to.

There are many complications in a domestic adoption that dont exist abroad. Though its nice that the rights of birthmoms and dads (and sometimes grandparents) have certain rights, but its devastating when a birthmom changes her mind (which she can do in the US) leaving the adoptive parents high and dry. This ususally does not happen overseas. Once the birthmom has given up the child legally, the child is eligible for international adoption.

One child adopted from China was found with a note that said In our countryside the thought that man is more important than woman is very popular. I myself don’t have the strength to overthrow it.

“Why did you choose intercountry rather than domestic adoption? More than half said they believed they were ineligible for domestic adoption. The survey did not ask whether this ineligibility had to do with age, marital status, race or ethnicity, but these may have been among the reasons. About 10 percent said they were concerned about birth parent rights in domestic adoption. Since this survey was taken of families processed during Fiscal Year 11, three years before the Baby Jessica tragedy, and also before the Baby Richard tragedy, the percentage of families choosing international adoption may be higher today. NCFA receives many calls from prospective adoptive parents asking for information about international adoption because, as the families say, they distrust the U.S. legal and court system

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