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Angela's Ashes

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In novels character often make an error in judgment. This is the case in Angela’s Ashes by Franck McCourt. Malachy the father made the mistake of not supporting his family. The family lived in America but since they had no money and their baby died they went to Ireland. The family tried to make a living but it was hard.

Malachy was an alcoholic and always spent the family money on a pint. When their new baby was born they received 500 pounds from a relative. However, the money did not go to the baby instead Malachy decided to go to the bar. Then when he went to England and wasted the money he made there he decided to return home but only stays a day. He then leaves and never returns, which made the family, suffer more.

By wasting the money he made at work on alcohol the family did not have food or clothes. He did not care that his new baby did not have a drop of milk or that his sons had not eaten. Malachy tried to repair their shoes but it did not work and Frank was made fun of at school. Since he was an alcoholic eventually he would lose his job because he was to drunk to work. So Frank tried to help but there is so much a boy can do. He went to the church but they did not want him as an alter boy.

Malachy left to find work in England, which forced Frank to find work with Mr. Hannon. However, that did not last long. His eyes became so bad that his mother did not let him work anymore. When Malachy went to England he did not send over any money. He just drank the money away. It was hard but they survived. When he left the family for good he sent them three pounds one week and they never heard from him again.

Malachy’s errors impacted the family greatly. They suffered more than he knew. He only cared about having a drink and making him self feel better. This was serious and maybe him leaving made the family better. However, his children did not have a father and they really needed him. Since he was not there, the mother was forced to live with a man that only used her and the children suffered. His errors had consequences and he probably thought they would be better with out him. I believe that if he was more responsible and did not make the mistake to spend the money he earned on a pint the McCourts would have been happier.

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