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English People

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When you read Great Britain’s History you will reflect on that there is a certain pattern that repeats it self over and over again

There was, for one or another reason, a drift to the west from the middle of Europe, and Great Britain was the end of the line.

One reason was persecution Jews came from Spain at the end of 15th century, escaping from Roman Catholic’s. The next stage of immigration was driven not by escape but by attraction

In the 150s, 60s and 70s immigrants from the Caribbean, Africa, hong kong and Cyprus came to work.

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The National Health service, London transport, british railways could not find enough labour in Britain and were keen to take on immigrants.

But all this immigration has created a problem There has been, and there is racism in Great Britain. Today the most racism is against black and Asian people. There is still a problem of discrimination in many areas of life, but particularly in employment. It’s harder for black and Asian people to get jobs according to their education.

For example A Law Society Survey, in 4, found that white students had 47% chance of getting a job compared with 7% for black students.

But there is a positive thing that’s against the racism, the mixed-race marriages has increased and that is after all the best breakdown of barriers.

The Brittish people are obsessed by class.

“ We are, by occupations, education and habits of life, divided into different species“. Wrote Dr Johnson in 18th- century.

British humour is based on the differences between upper and working class.

The strangest thing about the class system is that it’s not entirely dependent on money. Which means that you can be high class and poor, or low class and rich. So instead of money the class system is based on history and relatives.

Two really important indicators of class are education and accent. George Bernad shaw wrote

“It’s impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman despise him”.

The thing is, that where ordinary people have regional accents, the upper class speaks exactly the same way.

This is rather strange, because children normally take on the accent of the people around them rather than that of their parents. The reason why, is the schools they go to. All members of upper class go to private fee-paying schools. The top schools costs £15000 per year. ( 10000 Swedish crones)

So it’s actually quite difficult to maintain your position in the upper class, with out lot’s of money.

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