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Success due to customer service

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Customer Service

Certain companies, businesss and corporations seem to have unlimited success and tremendous financial gain. This is due to several reasons some of which are the companies vision, the way the train their staff, and because of the companies management philosophy. In this report I am going to show how four companies (Disney entertainment, Stew Leonards dairy, Apple computers and M) made their businesss so successful and literally built empires in their respective niches. I am also going to discuss how the philosophies and beliefs practised by these companies can be used to help me in both my schooling and my career in the golf industry.

The first thing that I will discuss will be how the beliefs practised by the companies can help in my approach to school, and in return make me a more successful student. The first company that I will look at is M innovation, this company is constantly stressing the idea to its staff members that they use their free time to work on alternative projects and to not waste time. This lesson is imperative to being successful in college, if a student doesnt waste his free time and uses his free time pockets effectively then he/she can get a tremendous amount of work done with very little stress. Another benefit shown in this video was the companies management philosophy, for this example I will use Stew Leonards dairy. At this particular store they believe so heavily in the idea that customers know what they want and that the store should listen to what the customers have to say that they actually hold discussion groups with several customers once a month so they better learn how to improve different aspects of their store. This is easily related to the way a student should approach school. I have always believed in the belief that having an open line of communication with the faculty will make me a better student. If you listen to the teachers comments and opinions as Stew Leonards Dairy does with their customers then you can get their feedback and in return learn how to improve as a student. Another question raised was what are the strengths of the company. For this question I am going to use the example of Apple Computers and how they stress innovation and individuality. At Apple, on the inside of every one of their computers is the signatures of the team involved in the production of the computers because Apple believes that doing your best as an individual and not simply relying on your team is the key to success. This is similar to the way I approach school as to be successful as a student you must be independent and be able to stand up for your beliefs, or youre reports and essays are going to come across as boring because it seems as if you have no opinion, and this will in return hurt your chances of getting a good mark, and if you dont take pride in your individual work then that will come across as well.

The last question I will relate is the companies vision, for this I will use the example of Disney entertainment. The entire vision of Disney is to make its customers happy and I believe that to do well in school you have to be happy with your work and never settle with not your best work and take extreme pride in everything you do in school.

The last idea that I am going to discuss in this report is to take some of the ideas that these companies stress and relate them to how I can use them to have a successful career in the golf industry. The first idea is that I am going to use is the strengths of the Disney corporation. The key strength that makes Disney so powerful and successful is how well they train their employees, and how they hire people who share the beliefs of the company and are only their to do their best and make Disney better. This is very easily related to my career in the golf industry, I intend on either becoming a head professional at a golf course or owning my own independent golf retail store, and I believe the most important decision you can make in either of those positions is to hire a great staff and do your best to train them well so they are well adapted for what their job entails. The next question I will use is the values imparted on the staff, for this question I will use the example of Stew Leonards dairy. At this store the only real value imparted on the staff is to be customer friendly and do what ever you can to make the customer happy and make them want to come back. This is very important at either a golf course or a retail golf shop as you must impart the value of customer relations on your staff because mad or unsatisfied customers will not return to your store. The third question I will answer is what are the strengths of the company, for this I will use the example of M. The main strength that I noticed of M is that they reward their employees when they earn it, which in return makes them happy and increases their productivity. As an owner of a golf store or as a head pro at a course I believe that keeping your employees is imperative to being successful and the best way to keep your employees happy is to reward them when they deserve it. The last question I will use to relate these businesss to how I plan on being successful in the golf industry is explain the companies management philosophy, and for this I will use the example Stew Leonards Dairy. The management philosophy of this store is to make the customer happy, give them what they want and make them want to come back. This is a huge belief of mine that is crucial to the success of a person in the golf industry. This particular industry is all about customer relations as most of the customers out their become very loyal to either a golf course or a retail store so you want to be the company that keeps all its customers coming back.

In closing, I believe that this video In Search Of Excellence is a tremendous tool for companies who are looking for an edge in their respective fields. The main idea or belief that I got out of this entire thing that is truly important in any career you may choose is that customer service is imperative to being successful and in return having a great career in the golf industry.

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