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Gilbert Grape

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Topic ¡°Gilbert begins and end the film in the same place yet he has traveled far¡± Do you agree?

¡°Gilbert Grape has had to leave his dreams behind because of circumstances. He has a hostility that he can¡¯t express because of his duties and responsibilities to his family. To be able to deal with himself every day, he¡¯s had to make himself numb so that he¡¯s not affected too much by everything.¡± (Johnny Depp)

¡°In the film, Gilbert is, in the words of the director, a ¡°reactor¡± his own impulses and needs have been subjugated so thoroughly that he seems passive, only responding to the calls and demands of others, to the extent that he can only see his life in terms of other people...¡±

Gilbert Grape lives with his family in the town of Endora in Iowa. He works in Lamson¡¯s Grocery, which, like Endora itself, is slowly dying.

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The film opens as Gilbert and Arnie enact their yearly ritual of waiting for the flaming caravans of the Airstream Trailer Club to pass through

In the beginning of the film Gilbert is a quiet person. He is withdrawn and seemed like an outsider in his own family. He doesnt really fit into his surroundings and he seems numb towards himself.

It Becky¡¯s arrival that began the changed that we gradually saw in Gilbert. His attitude towards his duties and responsibilities to his family changed after he hit Arnie. ¡°I hit him so hard ¡­ you don¡¯t hurt Arnie, you just don¡¯t¡­¡± it is only after his beating of Arnie, and his talk with Becky about his father, that we see him change from reacting to acting. He will no longer regard his mother as a joke, so he responds by setting up the house for her funeral.

Over the cause of the film Gilbert undergoes deep change. He is at first embarrassed by his mother, speaks unsympathetically of her and even, at on point, lifts a small child to the window to peek at her. Yet in the final scenes, with Bonnie on her bed, there is love, tenderness and respect between the two.

Emotionally Gilbert has changed enormously. The views which he held towards family and life has changed, the way in which he looks at people has changed, and the way he saw his mother has changed.

Towards the end of the film when Gilbert wants his mother to meet Becky he says ¡°I¡¯m not going to hurt you any more. I promise.¡± At the beginning of the film you would not have heard or expected Gilbert to say something like that, however towards the end he realised that he was being inconsiderate and cruel.

He also confronts his father¡¯s death by going down to the basement. He wasn¡¯t able to do that till 17 years later which showed how much he was affected by it, nevertheless in the end he went down there and faced the truth.

The responsibility of Arnie in the beginning seemed like a bundle on Gilbert and he once said ¡°some days you want him to live and some days you don¡¯t¡± However during the last few scenes he accepted the responsibility of Arnie.

The ending also showed Gilbert and the family working as a ¡®family¡¯ as they moved everything out of the house. As you see the house go up in flames, you can also see traces of the old Gilbert burn away as well.

So in the end he was free. Free to make his own decisions, free to go anywhere, and free of his responsibilities and duties to his mother.

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