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hamlet..was he mad?

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About the play

Hamlet is one of the most tragedy play ever William Shakespeare wrote in the 16th century. It was wrote and came out to light in 160.another version of the play in 105 was printed and published by William Shakespeare and it was longer version than the last version was. After William Shakespeare was died in 1616, two of his colleagues named heminge and condell collected the last two versions of the play Hamlet and mixed it together to make the best version ever of the play hamlet in 16 which is well printed in all present books now.

hamlet was the fourth tragedy William Shakespeare wrote after Titus andronicus, Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar.


About the writer

William Shakespeare 1564-1616

William Shakespeare was born in 1564, his dad was the merchant of the small town in Stratford called Avon, he went to a grammar school in that town. After he finished school he worked with his dad and he didn’t continue higher education, he married when he was young, he became a father of three daughters. In 15 he was well known in London and he became Actor and shareholder in Lord Chamberlain’s Company (Later the King’s Men) by 155. After 15, a shareholder at the Globe Theatre, Actor, playwright, and sometimes director.

. All of his writing subjects that consists of seventeen comedies, ten historic plays, three poems and ten tragedies was taken from the history of England.such as Henry IV, V, VI, VIII, Richard II, Richard III

Between 150 and 161, he wrote 8 plays.

He became a sad writer and his sadness affected his life and writing by his daughter’s death in 156. Such asTragedies Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, King Lear, Macbeth generally considered to be his greatest works.

Shakespeare continued to write serious drama based on the roman history (Julius Caesar) and to write tragedies based on the Egyptian roman history (antony and Cleopatra).Shakespeare was back to write comedies with seventeen plays such as Comedies Twelfth Night, As You Like It, Comedy of Errors. generally considered to be his greatest works

before he retire from the theatre.

He returned from London to his hometown Avon in Stratford before he was died in 1616.

In this play im writing about ‘hamlet’ I found out some notes about Shakespeare in general way of writing this play which seems to me its general characteristics in all plays he did wrote

Early point of attack.

Several lines of action (subplots), independent at first, then somehow merge together.

Large number and variety of incidents; mixing of tears and laughter; gentle and violent passions.

Time and space used freely � a sense of ongoing life behind the scenes.

Large range and number of characters; 0 is common; rich and poor, all individuals.

Varied language elegant, ribald, witty, prosaic; all to enhance character and action

Subjects from many sources (mythology, history, legend, fiction, plays) but reworked to become his own.

William Shakespeare left the whole world but he left behind the best writing the human mentality could ever produce to the humanity.

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