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Improving Situations for Women

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Improving Situations for Women

Since the birth of the United States women have been discriminated against. Men looked upon them as someone to take care of the household chores, to take care of children, and to provide dinner after a long day of work. Obviously this type of stuff still goes on today with women, but not as bad as it was in colonial times or even if you go as far back as the 100’s. Now of days, in some situations, household roles have switched. Women have taken on careers and men stay home and play mom. In other situations, the most common situation were both male and female share the household chores, the care of their offspring, and taken turns making dinner as both manage a career. This type of scenario happens because that’s how families survives financially. Careers are no the only thing women have been able to do. They have also been able to play sports, and even vote. Women are not exactly equal to men but things have gotten better for them. It has taken them along time, but they have came so far.

It took almost 70 years for women to be able to vote. For women to able to vote, they started a faction called the women’s suffrage movement. It started in 1848 when two women by the names of Julia Ward Howe and Lucy Stone when they started The American Woman Suffrage Association. Not only did this group go cross country to help women, they also helped the black movement with the 15th amendment. They as well aloud men to join the association. These two women were not the only women who were starting women suffrage movements, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott and Susan B. Anthony started the National Woman Suffrage Association. In this particular group did not aloud men and did not support the black movement. Both groups constantly disagreed with each other until finally they both merged into one group in 180 under the leadership of Anna Howard Shaw and Carrie Chapman Catt. The also merged the name to The National American Woman Suffrage Association (NASWA).

As the years went on women seem shy away from the matter of voting to other things like health care, prison reform, and child labor movements. Between the years of 11 and 115, massive women marches bring back the focus of a woman’s right to vote. The NAWSA merged even more groups to their organization. Woman like Mabel Vernon and Sarah Brad Field travel all over the country, getting signatures on a petition to present to the government. Finally after almost seven decades, the 1th amendment was passed on August 6, 10, which gave the right for woman to vote. Now of days it is important for woman to have the privilege to vote. They can vote on other issues besides presidential, governor or mayoral elections. They can vote on things that might hit the heart more like abortion and contraception.

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Since the days of World War I, women became more athletic in sports like basketball, volleyball, and baseball. Since women were playing the sports, women’s sports did not have enough recognition, respect, and funding in high schools and colleges. Congress passed an amendment in 17 called the educational amendment. Within that amendment there is a part called title IX, which states “ it prohibits discrimination against girls and women in federally-funded education, including athletic programs.” Because of title IX it has improved women’s equality in all areas. More women receive athletic scholarships, which gives a woman a better chance at a higher education. Many woman who have made it to the Olympics give tribute to title IX, because of the fact if they did not have it they would probably would not be the athletes that they are today. Another outcome of title IX is the wages of coaches involved in women sports have increased.

Passing the amendment was great victory for the women’s rights but it was enforced poorly at first. There was barely any controversy to pass the amendment, yet the NCAA and administrators from high schools protested would undergo financial stress because girl’s sports had to be equally funded. During the administrations of presidents Reagan and Bush, enforcing Title IX stopped. To add the final nail into the coffin, in the case of Grove City v. Bell the U.S. Supreme court ruled that title IX did not apply to the entire educational institutions. It only applied to those institutions that were federally funded. Although the women did not back down. Four years after the Supreme Court decision, Congress passed the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 188, which states “This act nullifies the effects of the Grove City ruling by outlawing sex discrimination throughout the entire educational institution if any part of the institution received federal funding.” Still, after the Civil rights Restoration Act of 188 was passed, title IX was not heavily enforced. Though, because of the Civil Rights Restoration Act, women took the law into their own hands. Many of lawsuits have been filed against colleges and high schools in order to force their campus to equality of women. Sanya Tyler, a woman’s head basketball coach of Howard University, filed a lawsuit in 1 for sex discrimination. She claimed that the men’s head basketball coach made more than she did. She won the lawsuit and was awarded .4 million dollars. Just like the right to vote women have come long way to have equal funding for sports.

Presently, more and more women are taking on major careers. They are our lawyers, politicians, judges, and our doctors. Although women are not paid equally as men are. Women everywhere are looking up at a glass ceiling. The term glass ceiling is means that women can see what kind of pay or positions that men have and that they would like to have but can not achieve it. Women only make seventy-three dollars to every dollar men make in full-time positions. Not only to women get paid less, but they get paid less for doing the same amount of work that men do. If women’s wages were equal to the men’s wages might actually work out for men. Like it was mentioned earlier, both husband and wife both take on careers to survive in the extremely expensive world, if wages were equal, families it would gain two hundred billion dollars. Although about 100 years ago women did not have careers. They have come long way in the job force but still major improvements are needed.

There are places that need improvement but women are getting closer and closer to equality. There are still pretty powerful women organizations out there like the NOW, National Organization for Women. In conclusion, discrimination against women has gotten better

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