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Jenny Lo

Two weeks ago the Trinity High School¡¦s vice headmaster, Brother Leon, began the high school¡¦s annual chocolate sale. This year there are 0,000 boxes to be sold at a price of $ each.

Students complained regarding to the amount of work that would be involved because the quota of the chocolates have been doubled, and the price of the chocolates have been doubled as well.

However, Brother Leon pointed out, ¡§The chocolate sale is plainly voluntary work; students can refuse to sell the chocolates. I am sure each boy is willing to do his part for the school. Those that accept are the true sons of Trinity.¡¨

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Despite the importance of the traditional sale, one freshman has decided to say no to the burden of the sale. Jerry Renault states, ¡§There isn¡¦t a reason to why I refuse; I just don¡¦t feel like selling the chocolates.¡¨

Rumors have been spreading around the school that a secret underground organization is involved in the chocolate sale. Whether The Vigils are backing up the chocolate sale or are opposing the sale, the students have different opinions.

¡§The Vigils are probably behind the sale,¡¨ Danny Arcangelo claims, ¡§I believe that they are giving assignments to people to sell more than the quota given.¡¨

On the other hand, Kevin Chartier argues that, ¡§I think the Renault freshman has a Vigil assignment. Possibly The Vigils told the freshman to refuse to sell chocolates to make Brother Leon go mad.¡¨

¡§I lived during a time when the word peace had little meaning, when the great lords of Japan fought over that country like dogs oer a bone. A time when blood flowed like rivers and no man knew at sunrise if he would be alive when the sun set. A world filled with treachery and hate, tortured by the vanity of men who wished to rule over others before they had learned to master themselves.¡¨ (pg. Xiv)

¡§¡KBut to humiliate even the dead body of your enemy is shameful. Oda Nobunaga had crucified his own honor rather than Lord Akiyama¡¦s.¡¨ (pg. )

¡§I leapt toward the corner of the room where I kept a bamboo sword my father had given me. Once I held it in my hand I turned toward the soldier in an attitude of defense.¡¨ (page 6) [Taro]

¡§There is nothing that can make a man feel more alive than to have been near death. Suddenly you realize what a precious gift your life is, and your eyes open to the beauty of the world around you.¡¨ (page 76)

¡§Your lord is like your father, you must follow him wherever he leads, even into death, to the road to the west.¡¨ Page 11.

¡§Poverty is not the best condition for ensuring honesty.¡¨ Page 7.

¡§¡K some of them will come back heroes, but there are other who won¡¦t come back at all. The heroes will be given land and some of the spoil of battle. The others, those who won¡¦t come back? They will be given land too, but not so much ¡V just enough for a grave.¡¨ P.71

The wounded man rode his horse toward the castle. He was badly hurt, and one of the younger men among the archers ran after him, a short spear in his hand. I watched as he caught up with the mounted samurai and thrust his spear from below. For a moment the warrior remained in the saddle, then he fell to the ground. The young bowman drew out the spear ad thrust it into the dying man once more. I saw him stripping the man of his armor and helmet, but when he lifted the dead man¡¦s sword to sever head from body, I turned away. Pg. 71

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