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This is a novel whose author, Rebbecca Ray, was 16 at the time that she wrote it. It is a disturbing look into the life of a 14 year-old British girl who is struggling desperately to feel anything at all. At the beginning she seems to be anyones child. But as the story progresses, we see that her problems with her family, friends, and the choices she makes about boys and sex are average. Heres an example

I was about thirteen when I started letting the boys feel me up. There was a whole bunch of them, four or five, and at lunchtime wed all meet up; smoking a spliff out on the pitch if it was sunny, round their table in the library if it wasnt. Wed all be sitting around, eating our lunches, and Joel or Craig or some other boy I didnt really like would start putting his hand up my shirt. Or my skirt, I had a really short skirt and fucking awful legs but Id roll the waistband up on it to make it shorter anyway.

Writing this essay has been one of the most awkward assignments given to me. Im a very open person when it comes to talking about sex, boys, drugs and all the other topics that go along with it. However, once I hand this paper in the true “teen life” is exposed, the worst part is, our life is now know by our teacher. As I write this paper I do not imply that alll students are as I say. I am only giving my opinion on the majority of the teens at Lower Merion.

Pure, heaves off with the words I was thirteen when I started letting boys feel me up and ends up in the hazy mandate of its 14-year-old narrator losing her virginity to a 7-year-old radio salesman. He hits her and ends up doing speed with him. In the meantime, she fights with her parents, cuts herself and gives blow jobs to boys whose perspiring smell and zitty skin leave her repulsed.


(There is a sad apathy here)

I pushed Olivers trousers down to round his hips. I didnt look at what I was doing. I just didnt want to see. I felt his hands move from my chest. Down, over skin. My stomach and further. I felt him push my trousers down as well. The elastic of my pants was stretching. And then I felt him touch me.

It wasnt nice. Not really. But when I thought about it, it wasnt quite as bad as Robin. At least I didnt hate him. And I didnt think hed laugh. His fingers moved in. Not gentle. Not roundabout like he had been with my breasts. I guess it was do or die by now, though. I guessed he might as well.

He put his finger inside. Burning and stretching but he didnt seem about to stop. It hurt. It hurt a lot. But it didnt matter. I suppose that nothing ever matters, not really. I tried to think of biting and it got a little easier.

I felt his hips shift downwards and my eyelids ached from shutting them so hard. Two fingers, and the nails caught. Down further with his chest pressing hard, squashing my tits. I tried to breathe easy, I tried to breathe slow. Suck it. The feel of a handkerchief scratching on my lips. Teeth, I thought. Teeth.

But when he fucked me, there was nothing in my mind.

These are the high points of her life. But not just hers. Teens today have become so comfortable with sex that it has turned into just another activity for the weekend. It is not private, nor personal, just plain old fun. This book truly shows what a teens life is nowadays. If a parent were to read it they would be shocked and outraged, saying the book is unrealistic. Nonetheless high school students would connect in a number of ways they would become one of the characters. Lifestyles, of today’s teens have changed dramatically for the worse. The years of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll are nohting cmopared to 00. Being friends with a slew of different groups I know exactly what goes on, not from drawing an inference, but from a heart-to-heart talk. If anybody thinks that people in Lower Merion havent lost their virginity to people in thier mid-twentys they are very wrong. Each year the freshman grade grows up faster. This year they all hold ‘open houses’ and stay out until dawn. By all means staying out til 1 o’clock or o’clock is not nessary. As much as I hate to say this, kids have too much freedom. We need parents, we know right for worng but we are 16 we’re going to do it anyway.

Reading this book made me realize how scarey and inappropriate our life is. Lower Merion is considered among teens the biggest ‘sexual school’ the amazing part about that is that many people are proud of it. I could care less if people kept their life to themselves but they don’t. Instead they infect other minds of dangerous activities and it spreads like crazy. Sex was meant for love. A way to show affection to one special person, not to the whole senior class during health class is where we learn about sex, yet health teachers spend a week teaching the topic then forget about it. Students don’t get the reality of it. We know a lot, but we don’t know enough. I feel that students should read this book for the soul reason of realism today. Pure is written about us and its not a pretty story.

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